District 12 legislative GOP Slate starting to coalesce. Curd, Beal, Jamison.

Talking with a legislator last night, its looking as if the District 12 State Legislative slate is starting to coalesce with rumors about people running and not running being struck down.

What I’m hearing is (as of last night) that State Senator Blake Curd will be a candidate for District 12 State Senate again, removing that as a potentially open seat.

State Representative Arch Beal will be returning as a candidate for the State House, and will be as formidable as he was in 2014.

The open seat from Representative Alex Jensen moving into District 13 (He’s getting married, you know) has already seen some interest, and City Councilor/Mayoral Hopeful Greg Jamison will be running as a candidate for the office.

To my knowledge, no one else is popping up on the GOP ticket at this time, but with an open seat, who knows!


One Reply to “District 12 legislative GOP Slate starting to coalesce. Curd, Beal, Jamison.”

  1. Anon

    So does this mean that Jamison is not running for Mayor in 2018 or is he still planning to run and resign from the House part way through his first term if he wins the mayoral race?