District 19’s Senator Stace Nelson attacking people on Facebook over a cartoon.

Facebook South Dakota humor page Dakota Posts recently took a poke at State Senator Stace Nelson, referring back to 2014 when he was holed up in the men’s room, and by all accounts was not willing to come out and cast a vote against a gun bill

It was posted a couple of days ago, and let’s just say after he got ahold of it this morning, Senator Nelson was not appreciative of the humor, as evidenced by the comment section of the cartoon:

And in the case of one long-time Republican activist, Senator Nelson has spent the day getting downright testy with him:

and it continued…

and it continued….

And I’m sure it’s continuing now as I write.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always thought that the people elected to office were supposed to be of sound temperament, and in Pierre to represent their District as the best of their fellow man.  It’s possible we’re not supposed to be questioning why a State Senator is calling people ‘snowflake’ and ‘dumbass’ and attacking their wife and otherwise angrily sparring with people on Facebook starting at about midnight – 1 AM in the morning, and continuing for the next 19-20 hours.

I could be wrong, and that’s just how they talk in church down in District 19. And it gets really bad if you forget to bring a dish to the potluck.  That’s not how they do things in my neighborhood, but that might just be the gold standard in that part of the state.

So, District 19, here’s the tail end of week one of your State Senator representing you in Pierre.

It’s going to be a long session.

22 Replies to “District 19’s Senator Stace Nelson attacking people on Facebook over a cartoon.”

  1. Liberty Dick

    Yawn… Joke 4 years later… What kind of weirdo is that infatuated with Stace they keep rehashing ridiculously old news?

    1. Anonymous

      I think it is more rich that Stace lets it get to him and responds like the child he is….

      6 wives does he want to go there hasn’t he had like 3-4. why would he bring up such fodder?

      Then trying to say “Say it to my face” when he posts anonymously here all the time….

  2. Jon

    Is this the same Stace that got his hand slapped by Wikipedia for constant editing of his own page? Asking for a friend.

  3. Anne Beal

    It’s the same Stace Nelson with a perverted obsession with the sex lives of single twenty-somethings. He was really looking forward to forcing nubile young ladies to testify in committee about their salacious after-hours activities. Who knows, they might have had videos. He wanted to find out.

    It didn’t work out, though, so maybe he will have to put surveillance cameras in his fellow legislators’ motel rooms.

    Hard to imagine how the state government ever functioned before Nelson arrived and started inspecting everybody’s underwear.

      1. Anonymous

        Stace only punches Republicans….give me ONE example where he actually punched at a Democrat, no he stands with them at press conferences and in session.

  4. anon

    Agree with Tommy Young. Stay above the frey. It’s a cartoon. One of the sign’s of a mature adult is the ability to laugh at oneself, even when lampooned.

  5. Anonymous

    Brian Gosch: Come out Stace I am the new NRA rep I want to talk to you about a gun bill…..

    Now that could be interesting to watch LOL

  6. Tara Volesky

    People like that he is a fighter. You have to punch back. Trump would not be President if he wasn’t a fighter.


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