District 30 – Authoritative Russell win, but House is a squeaker


Lance Russell won his race for Senate and underlined it with a 59-41% win. But the House race may be a recount that’s closer than the last one, with 15 votes between 2nd and 3rd place.


3 Replies to “District 30 – Authoritative Russell win, but House is a squeaker”

  1. Cinder

    Interesting that 6,850 votes were cast in the House race, but only 4,047 in the Senate race. Seems Russell may have defeated Rampelberg, but didn’t exactly receive a clear mandate from voters as, 2803 people who showed up to vote, voted neither. (Vote for neither: 41%, Russell: 35%, Rampelberg: 24%) The House race demonstrates what happens when 5 unqualified candidates compete. Apparently 77% of the voters think that neither Goodwin or Frye-Mueller are worthy of their vote. Instead of a recount, maybe they should start both races all over and see if they can find some candidates voters clearly believe can do the job in Pierre.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      That’s because they cast 2 votes in the House race.

      So, actually, they case 4047 in the senate, and 3425 (x2) in the House, which shows an undervote/bullet vote of nearly 600.