District 30 Senate primary?

Gordon Howie and Bruce Rampelberg

It looks as if we haven’t seen the last of former state senator Gordon Howie. Last year’s self-proclaimed “Tea Party” candidate for governor is widely expected to challenge sitting district 30 Senator Bruce Rampelberg from Rapid City. District 30 represents Custer, Pennington and Fall River counties.


9 Replies to “District 30 Senate primary?”

  1. Anonymous

    They’re both probably gonna have George Ferebee to contend with. He lost to Rampelberg by a handful of votes last time. If it’s a 3-way primary will Gordog run away with it? Or will his financial issues bring him down?

    How will Gordon’s and his singing cowboy routine play into the race? Will the ghost of Gordon Pederson smite the other Gordon from the hereafter?

    So many wildcards. Inquiring minds are marginally interested.

  2. BF

    Mmmm… a real estate speculator and a banker who probably wouldn’t give him a loan (or has he already?). This really COULD get interesting. I’ll bet a buck Howie has the better sense of humor.

  3. caheidelberger

    Howie is missing a golden opportunity: he should carry the Tea Party banner to war in a primary against fake Tea Party Princess Kristi Noem. Howie could hold her accountable for her selling out to the Washington establishment and running away from the ideals of the angry Tea Party base that elected her. Think big, Gordon!

  4. Electrifying South Dakota

    Wow, seriously? I guess either atonement or rapture will be coming to the people in District 30 this election cycle.

  5. grudznick

    The young Mr. Howie, if he overgods on us again, won’t stand a chance. Mr. Howie, take my advice. Way undergod this time.


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