District 4 State House candidate Becky Holtquist is shopping “Minnesota,” and avoiding Milbank.

District 4 Democrat House Candidate Becky Holtquist apparently doesn’t have a lot of faith in the businesses in her Legislative District.

And until she does, she’s making hers “Minnesota,” according to this comment she left on Facebook:

59 thoughts on “District 4 State House candidate Becky Holtquist is shopping “Minnesota,” and avoiding Milbank.”

  1. Becky I am a former South Dakota moderate Democrat. Unfortunately the South Dakota Democratic Party has become the party of drugs and creating more victims. If you ask the other SDDP candidates that are enthusiastic about Marijuana legalization they may advise you what Marijuana enthusiasts have claimed & posted publicly that smoking weed can kill the COVID – 19 virus and make you immune! Sometimes these Marijuana enthusiasts will also post a Big Tobacco 2.0 funded study that claims “may show promise” in curing COVID. Maybe you can keep shopping at you’re local grocery store in Milbank and save some gas and keep the money in you’re community and state. You can smoke you’re medicine!

    Legitimate and rigorous clinical trials to obtain FDA approval are usually avoided by those pushing so called Medical Marijuana despite them having access for research. That darn & pesky scrutiny would get in the way for approval.

    1. Most people are somewhere between Noem and this lefty.

      I do wonder why we don’t have any press conferences as a state on a weekly basis so we can learn what is going on as a state. We used to have them daily. It’s much worse now than then but we dont have anything.

      There is a major void of information right now.

  2. Why doesn’t she move to the People’s Republic of Minnesota then? I don’t know that South Dakota would be losing on the deal.

    1. Whoever reported my statement left out my reply part where the past 40 years I have spent over a quarter million $ on Milbank car dealerships, over $200,00 on Berens grocery, etc,etc. Please don’t condemn me for safety reasons of my high risk family and friends I choose to temporarily shop where masking is required.

      1. Oh, Boo-Hoo Becky. As far as I’m concerned you can take your money and move to Minnesota. You have no clues what it’s like to be a small business owner, to have employees or to meet payroll. You have the audacity to ask us to TRUST you to represent us in Pierre, but you don’t have the guts or brains to support local business? Please MOVE . . . now!

  3. Good for her! We too do not frequent businesses who have zero respect for their customers lives. The absolute arrogance and stupidity of individuals who care only for themselves is outrageous. This medical family cares enough about you, because we know those who don’t wear masks have most likely exposed us, to always wear masks outside our home. Nonmask wearers won’t wake up till they’ve contracted COVID and suffered the consequences.

      1. Lockdowns and face-diapers don’t “flatten the curve,” and voluntary “social distancing” mainly just delays it. Most of the people who’ll catch this cold during the subzero temperatures of January and February would have been better off catching it now.

    1. I’m so glad we have such educated and enlightened people like you to tell us how bad, stupid, and ignorant we are. Thanks heavens!

      Wearing a mask is not a guarantee you won’t contract the Wuhan China Virus, and not all people who don’t wear masks will contract it, so don’t push such absolutes as an argument.

    2. What amazes me is the absolute arrogance and stupidity of people who believe the masks actually work. Charts will show you that cases of China Flu actually increase after mandates occur. After places such as Walmart and other required masks in Sioux Fall, we saw a continued increase. Correlation? Sure. Causation? Not sure. A 2019 WHO study shows masks are ineffective against the flu virus, but it is not known about the China Flu. You do not know whether masks work. There is strong evidence suggestion they do not.

      1. Charts? What charts? All credible evidence points to mask wearing as effective in reducing COVID-19 cases. If you don’t want to wear a mask to protect others and yourself, you are perfectly within your rights to just stay home.

          1. Pajamas Media? Oof. Twitter sourced, cherry picked, improper/misleading graphs, good gravy that link is a trainwreck (thank goodness for Ghostery & UBlock Origin).

            Let’s just check what the CDC Director says…


            One of our sources is the nation’s top health official. The other might have been an architect at some point. Sorry, but if we’re talking public health, I’ll take Dr. Redfield’s word. Now, if we want to talk about the legacy of I. M. Pei…

            1. Ike,

              Do you want me to post the NEJM study that says masks don’t work or will you just admit you are wrong about masks?

              I can give you a link directly to it.

                1. More authors say they don’t work at the NEJM.

                  Your article uses the word “might”.

                  universal facial masking — might help reduce the severity of disease and ensure that a greater proportion of new infections are asymptomatic.

            2. Well, you asked to see the charts. Maybe you like them, maybe not. Maybe you just cannot understand them. You are using CBS? They have been shown to be less than accurate. Has PJM been inaccurate? The problem with the CDC is they have been wrong on too many occasions. They have also been changing their minds on just about every guideline they have used. BTW, check this out and tell me just how effective the masks are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRFtVsL9dzE
              Yes, cherry picked….

              1. CBS is certainly more credible than PJM. Public media vs. private should be all you need to know. Hell, FOX is more reliable than PJM/OANN/Breitbart/Infowars/Stormfront/etc.

                Get out of your media bubble and use multiple sources – NOT just QANON garbage. Why do you think I even read this blog? It’s because I refuse to be uninformed. I can’t understand why you’d vote for a goober like Trump unless I engage and learn.

                Try it!

                1. Glad you watched the video showing just how reliable the masks the CDC recommends are. What is concerning is anyone who watches that video would come to the same conclusions I do. Oh, wait. You have not watched it. Who is the goober?

                  1. Uh, I did watch it. That idiot fails to acknowledge that AEROSOLS are what the masks prevent… You know… those spit drops that we keep hearing about. Those spit drops that hold the virus in suspension. I don’t know how wearing a mask became political, TBH. Y’all are just be willfully ignorant? Funny way to “own the libs” innit?

      2. A few masks for a few days or weeks makes a small impact when people like yourself only put on a mask when YOU need to visit a medical clinic. Mask protect others, not the wearer. you really have this backwards and you are disrespecting the Governor, President, CDC and health care workers that have already told you when masks help protect others. The stakes are high , masks help prevent the spread.

    3. When you are done learning about life from the TV and the handmaidens tale show care for other human beings by wearing a cloth in public places like the Governor asked you. Do you also think the Governor and the SD Department of Health are trying to oppress you TV series style? Please think about others, look at the South Dakota no mask rates compared to areas where people do care enough to slow the spread until this winter when we have a vaccine for the vulnerable.

  4. She lives 5 miles from Milbank and about 6 miles from Ortonville. She supports local…

    So much other junk to report on, and you lower yourself to this? Good grief! Thank you Educated and Concerned! This site needs intelligent responses.

    1. Apparently Geography was not your strong suit. You do realize Ortonville is in another state right? I know Dems have an issue with borders and what they mean. If you roll across the border to Minnesota you are supporting THEIR local community and not the ones in South Dakota. Maybe its so she doesn’t have to pay sales tax!!! I am sure that is not the case but, even if you ARE going to Minnesota to buy groceries, here is a tip, don’t announce it. This is a moot point anyway, she will not get elected anyway so she can continue supporting “The Peoples Republic Of Minnesotastan”

    2. Another example of how Kathy “pro-choice Jesus” Tyler has no clue. And certainly is unable to provide an intelligent (or intelligible) response.

      If the race for State House was competitive, I would guarantee I’d postcard voters how Holtquist is ‘canceling’ Milbank in favor of Minnesota.

      Would 100% agree? No. But all you need is 50% +1 voter. And I’d bet you could get that.

      1. Holtquist announces to the world: “If Milbank business don’t take responsibility for masking I will totally avoid them.”

        What she means: If Milbank businesses don’t REQUIRE ALL CUSTOMERS TO WEAR MASKS I will boycott these businesses and shop only at Minnesota business that REQUIRE ALL CUSTOMERS TO WEAR MASKS.

        I agree with the numerous posters who’ve acknowledged that Holtquist has every right to shop where she likes, just as she has every right to say what she likes.

        In that spirit, I invite our wonderful Minnesota neighbors — and all American patriots who prefer making their own choices — to shop in South Dakota, where diverse opinions are respected. Here, instead of demanding masks, we COEXIST with others, even those holding different worldviews. Here, we value individuals, trusting citizens to make responsible decisions. Here, we understand that bossy bureaucrats are not smarter or better informed than voters. Here, free men and women evaluate evidence and choose to wear masks if and when the evidence is convincing. Here, business owners set the policy they believe best serves customers and staff. Here, we offer residents the personal liberty to make rational choices, free from government tyranny. This is NOT the handmaid’s tale. You needn’t submit to authority by covering your face in public. In Minnesota, you’re forced to obey. In South Dakota, we respect your freedom to RESIST. For when it comes to mask wearing, it’s ok to be pro choice.

        1. Amen brother. These Dems cannot understand this in any way shape or form anymore. So strange to see this from South Dakotans, especially those in more rural areas where you HAVE to be more independent and not rely on the Nanny State to bail you out. Neighbors help each other and mind their own business and thats they way it should be.

          1. Interesting point, given that federal subsidies comprise a much larger portion of the state’s budget than minnesota (37% for South Dakota versus 24% for Minnesota). I’m sorry, but who exactly is looking for handouts here?

              1. Yes, but at least they don’t tax food and clothing… you know, like the subject of the post. Seems to me saving 4-7% on groceries by driving an extra mile makes her smart – like Trump!

                1. Ike makes a fair point. SD should work to eliminate sales tax on certain items that working families need. Our legislature should enact cuts boosting sales of SD-produced goods. Agriculture remains our top industry; we all benefit if folks eat less junk and more nutritious foods. Let’s eliminate sales tax on fresh fruit and vegetables. Perhaps local dairy products and honey? SD ranchers deserve support. I’d love to buy local meat tax free. If we can’t afford it year ’round, explore a designed tax holiday for locally sourced. Modest tax cuts wouldn’t create massive revenue shortfalls, & we’d realize offsetting benefits. just an idea

    3. If she would rather pay taxes in Minnesota than South Dakota then she should move there.

      You understand taxes right Kathy?

  5. This is her choice. She can spend her money where she wants and wherever she feels comfortable. More power to her. Also the people of District 4 have the choice as to who they want to vote for.

  6. This is even more clear cut evidence the Democrats cannot even back up the things they supposedly stand for. Your running for office and your not supporting your local businesses and going to another state to buy, nice touch. Even if you did this it’s dumb to announce it! Here is also a hint for you Pro Mask people and I am not here to shame you but, if masks work YOU wear one, problem solved. Instead you put it on a business or others to mask to protect you and this is where DEMS never seem to get it. This is personal freedom thing and the masks do not work and are not effective as you can still get the virus with one. I say keep it up Dems, all your showing is your disdain for Average people and we can all see it!

    1. “Personal Freedom”? Then I claim the right to drive drunk! If you don’t want me to run you over on the sidewalk, you should have stayed home! Designated drivers don’t GUARANTEE you won’t die in a car accident! Saturation patrols and checkpoints don’t work! Let’s get tanked and go for a spin! It’s my GOD GIVEN RIGHT!

      1. You’re not obeying the 6′ rule your dem leaders mandated Ike if you do that. You will go to jail.

        Are you one of those people who like to get into people’s personal space?

        Hint: You need to stay away from people.

        1. What? My liquor store does curbside. Get me a 1.75L of Tito’s and put that 5.7 Hemi to work! Think I’ll cruise by the school ’bout 3:30 today and see what’s what. Personal Freedom!

  7. Educated & Concerned: I’m calling bs.
    1) Your tone (and moniker) reeks of arrogance so your assertion is nothing more than projection.
    2) It is clear you care only about yourself so I also wouldnt lecture others about caring.
    3) In my life, the person who claims to be the smartest person in the room and is speaking to people as if they are dumber, always ends up being the person least intelligent, honest, and reliable. They are the people to most ignore. And, most significantly, since you are a “medical family”
    4) If mask are the be-all and end-all why haven’t we been required to wear masks ALWAYS when entering into hospitals and why did hospital staff walk around without masks even in areas where people are immune compromised or had infectious contagious diseases? Did you not care for us then?

    Here’s the deal: The medical community was once collectively highly respected and their words taken at face value. Then, we were told “flatten the curve” for two weeks or 30 days to protect you from being overwhelmed. We did that it got the results desired and you moved the goal posts. You now told us we had to “lockdown” or millions will die. Well, we called bs and millions didn’t die. You are supposed to be public health experts but you made COVID the #1 public health issue, political issue and economic issue without a single consideration to

    PUBLIC HEALTH: mental health (depression, anxiety, child hunger, children in abusive homes, addiction, or suicidal tendencies). When asked questions about these things you disregarded them like they didn’t matter AND shamed people to comply by using bullying tactics like you did in your post.

    ECONOMY, INCOME INEQUALITY, AND GENDER INEQUALITY: Every one of your “solutions” were relatively easy to achieve for the affluent white. But, for people of color, single moms, and the working class, they went to work every day. They send their kids to school because they know it is the only way their kids can have a better life and they don’t have the time or energy to make sure their kids get their school work done or help them. While the rich white kids can “distance learn,” its a pipe dream for most homes.

    So you know what “EDUCATED & CONCERNED,” I’m calling BS. I sign my name and am happy to say it to your face- You are a narcissist who likes to present yourself as a superior caring person but the reality is you are miserable selfish human being. I pray I never get sick and I have to be cared for by the likes of you.

    1. Keepin it classy, Troy. I am also feasting on the irony of the swine flu guy trashing others for thinking themselves smarter than they are. How’s that 10k dead treating you? Let’s see this site’s double standards in play:

      Troy, you are a narcissist who likes to present yourself as a superior caring person but the reality is you are miserable selfish human being. You pass yourself off as an expert in nearly every topic you discuss, but anyone with more than cursory knowledge of a topic can see how full of it you are.

      1. If you can just ignore his insulting counterattacks and smug condescension, Troy actually says a lot of things that make sense.

  8. Best check Johns Hopkins for scientific facts on COVID prevention. Too many uninformed statements on here. That is why our cases have continued to rise for weeks. We wear masks to protect you cause possibly we’ve been exposed by the last nonmask wearing person we encountered. Our mask helps protect you. Your mask helps protect us. This medical family cares!

  9. When you intentionally shop in another town, county, and state, you intentionally rob all three of those of sales tax revenue, and she wants to represent the same town, county, and state.

  10. Let me make my view clear. If you wave a medical degree at me and you think I need to submit my freedoms to me, I think you are full of crap. Talk to me like an equal, I will listen.

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