District 6 candidate numbers increase. And Joshua Sopko might want to get that active warrant cleared up.

I’m hearing tonight that we have 2 primaries brewing in District 6…

District 6

Herman Otten (R) – Declared, moving from House
Isaac Latterell (R) – Declared, at Lincoln Day Dinner, moving from House

Nathan Block (R) – filed w/SOS
Joshua Sopko (R) – announced directly.
Ernie Otten (R) – filed w/SOS, moving from Senate


Speaking of District 6 legislative candidates, a comment was left under a post, which I redacted.

Let it be known that I’m a big enough person to admit when I’m wrong. And when it came to that comment, I was very wrong. After I redacted it, it was quickly confirmed through the Minnehaha County “gotwarrants.com” website that the comment possibly should have stood.

Apparently, Joshua Sopko who announced this past week that he was a candidate for the State Legislature, might need to clear up a few things.

From Minnehaha County’s gotwarrants.com:

Yeah.. a warrant for “Non Support of Minor Child” might be one of those items that he should take care of BEFORE he starts investing in palm cards and car magnets.

Because as Ellee Spawn (who STILL has active warrants) found out, being wanted by the long arm of the law and running a campaign are often difficult to pull off at the same time.

27 Replies to “District 6 candidate numbers increase. And Joshua Sopko might want to get that active warrant cleared up.”

  1. Anonymous

    “Non Support of Minor Child” Is that part of the Libertarian anything goes? The quest for small government, with no regulations, enforcement & not wanting to be held accountable?

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah, that’s not good. Probably should clear that up before running for a public office. I feel for him though, Child support can be a b.

  3. Anonymous

    Mr. Sopko would be better off switching over to be a Libertarian candidate now. Whatever his history, warrants or campaign platforms he would probably feel more at home thee. Btw! Did the past Libertarian candidate for governor Mr. Abernathy ever burn the American Flag at the state Capitol? Will Mr. Abernathy be running for the legislature on a deadbeat dad platform?

  4. Noem Voter

    People born on Halloween tend to be spooky.

    Meanwhile, Senator Ernie Otten has done a terrific job — w/ a solid, proven, Republican record. He should win nomination handily.

    Sopko looks to be running 3rd in that race — and the outstanding warrant is very bad form. Dads, support your kids! No deadbeats.

  5. Anonymous

    Republicans have been pushing laws to support dads behind on payments. According to rep Tom Pischke, this is right up the Republican alley.

    1. Noem Voter

      I guess you’re saying “Sopko = deadbeat dad. Shopko = claims to be republican. Egro…”

      You’ve got a point, I’ll admit. He’s not making the party look good.

      But are you saying Rep. Pischke is a deadbeat dad? I hardly know him, but I’d NOT repeat NOT heard he was behind on his child support payments. I’ve no reason whatsoever to believe he’s not making payments.

      Maybe you’re saying Pischke sponsored legislation letting deadbeat dads off scott free.

      IF that’s true, I’m 100% against it. Parents have a moral & legal duty to support their biological children, at least until the kids turn 18.

      I also support a DNA test (if paternity is disputed) so judges can identify the correct person to pay child support

      1. Anonymous

        Republicans have sponsored legislation to help deadbeat dads so claiming this is a Democrat thing is just spin. Do you need me to go dig up the bill numbers for you?

        1. Noem Voter

          I won’t make you research on the LORD’s day, but it would be interesting to read. And while I’m not calling you a liar, I’ll say that, here in SD, if “the republicans” want a certain bill passed, they have the power to pass it. The GOP controls both houses of congress and Gov. Kristi Noem is a solid Republican. Hence, if a bill fails to pass, that’s strong evidence “the Republicans” don’t support it, even if an individual republican sponsored it.
          Moreover, there are some commonsense reforms (such as requiring DNA testing before court-ordered child support) that DON’T help deadbeat dads. It’s axiomatic: if a baby isn’t a certain man’s baby, that man is not the dad. If he’s not the dad, he can’t be a deadbeat dad, QED. The fact that someone levied a false allegation of paternity is irrelevant. The kid has a father, and DNA testing will almost certain reveal his identity. If we can solve 30-year-old cold cases…
          Anyway, if a republican officeholder is out there arguing biological fathers have zero duty to support their own minor children, I’m VERY disappointed & I strongly disagree. There are a few crazy cases where courts hold sperm/ egg donors financially responsible for children created through in vitro fertilization. That’s a tough one. I’m interested to hear your view on weather contractually anonymous donors should owe child support. I ask in earnest. This not a “gotcha” question – I really don’t know the best answer. In one case, a wealthy gal had an ovum removed and frozen. It was accidentally implanted in the wrong couple: two married women who (subsequently) became estranged. Later, a judge ordered the biological mother and her husband to support the child. That ruling seems manifestly unjust, yet most agree *someone* needs to support the unfortunate orphan. Personally, I’d sue the ever loving [expletive] out of the ova storage facility.

          1. Anonymous

            I had a relative that divorced what ended up to be a deadbeat dad. No maturity or responsibility. Very self centered and oblivious to the responsibilities and hardships by the mother who struggled financially to raise their child and the child suffered as well.

            Money for weed but no money for child support.

            1. Noem Voter

              I’m really sorry to hear that all-too-common tale. I’m against weed, and I’m very pro marriage. Yes, I understand divorce happens. When it occurs, each parent has a legal and moral duty to support the kids. If a parent fails in that duty, I have zero respect for him (or her as the case may be). We need to do much better, both creating jobs and helping dads (divorced + married) find good jobs. If dads work hard & earn decent money, most will do what’s right and support their kids. Frankly, if more dads had good, steady jobs we’d see far fewer divorces.

  6. tara volesky

    Why do no-names rush to judgement when they don’t even know the whole story. Sounds like it is a personal family matter that is none of our business. There is always 2 sides to the story. Focus on the issues, not on children and personal situations.

    1. Anonymous

      a warrant for “Non Support of Minor Child” It is a public issue. That is serious. Public records and a candidate that is running for public office to be in the legislature and be a law maker.

  7. tara volesky

    Have you ever been late on a bill, house payment, rent, phone bill……you are personally attacking this man because you don’t agree with his political views. Go after him on his political stance not his family issues.

    1. Anonymous

      Does the court issue warrants for arrest regarding late phone bills, house payments or rent?

      If you run for the legislature under the “lets get rid of government slogan” you can campaign on getting rid of all child support laws and enforcement. How does that sound?

    2. Anonymous

      Tara, I don’t think they file charges on a whim. You have to be pretty disagreeable to paying what the court says you owe to support your child for them to drop the hammer like that.

      Instead of defending someone who won’t pay what they owe for the child, why don’t you support the mom trying to take care of a child.

      1. tara volesky

        I don’t know what the story is. I have never met him. I just purchased some CBD salve from his store. You just never know. There are just so many variables. I have dealt with situations like this many times with being a mediator. I always try and get the parents to settle their disputes so the court doesn’t have too. You just don’t want to see the children suffer.

  8. tara volesky

    There is a thing called eviction, or getting your utilities shut off. Isn’t there a movement for Father’s rights? I don’t know the situation so until the problem is resolved……I would rather stay out of it and stick to political issues. I really don’t care, do you? I think CBD is a wonderful alternative to addictive prescription drugs.

  9. grudznick

    CBD oil is the ointment of the Devil, and this Mr. Sopko is likely greased with it from head to toe. Pay your debts, Mr. Sopko, or they will come and get you in the dark of the night, as they should.

  10. Lincoln County Delegate

    That will be an interesting primary for Senate. Wonder if Rep. Latterell’s past anti-Trumpism will be an issue in the race.