District 8 Senate Candidate Jordan Youngberg


I had a few things to do in Madison this afternoon, and one of them was to make a social call on one of the candidates who has taken on the banner of representing the GOP in this years’ State Senate races, Jordan Youngberg.

Jordan is manager of an implement dealer in Madison, as well as being a small businessman himself, and he was gracious enough to give a few minutes of his time while I was passing through. I told him we should do one of my “5 Questions with…” features one of these days, so that will be coming sooner or later.

As a newcomer to the process, Jordan was impressed with the number of people who are gravitating towards, and offering help for his campaign. And that’s one thing that many Republicans who are running for office find – that there’s a large network of people across the state willing to lend their time & their efforts to make sure that good candidates have the tools available to run for office and win!

7 Replies to “District 8 Senate Candidate Jordan Youngberg”

  1. Lee Schoenbeck

    That’s an amazing insult based upon – near as the average reader could tell – no information. Give the guy a chance. Good to see new blood in the races

  2. Charlie Hoffman

    I made some great friends in Yankton years ago who were Youngberg’s. I agree with Lee that Jordon should be allowed to either agree or disagree with anyone he cares to without being labeled. Looks to me like this guy is a hard working smart young man who would be a perfect fit in the Legislature.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree with Lee Schoenbeck, no information in this post?!

    Highlighting him like this, without any substantive information? Makes people think you are pushing another establishment RINO stooge.

  4. Anonymous

    Poor kid doesn’t have a shot. Parsley beat another unknown candidate two years ago handily. I’m afraid the young fella will meet the same fate.