Do as Billie says. Not as Billie does.

From the Rapid City Journal comes a case of Billie Sutton preaching, but not practicing:

After criticizing the campaign of Kristi Noem for circumventing limits on individual campaign contributions, Billie Sutton’s campaign has benefited from a similar fundraising tactic.


Another example is the Cowboy Caucus PAC, controlled by state Sen. Jason Frerichs, D-Wilmot. In recent months, the PAC received $10,000 individual contributions from Stan Adelstein, of Rapid City; from Pat Hall, also of Rapid City (who additionally gave $2,000 to the Kenzy PAC); and from the same Justin Johnson of Sioux Falls who gave to the Kenzy PAC, plus some smaller contributions. The Cowboy Caucus PAC then gave $35,855.20 to Sutton’s campaign on Friday.

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  1. Anonymous

    Did you know that 64% of Kristi Noem’s revenue comes from out of state, PAC’s, candidate committees, and political parties. When you look at Billie Sutton’s revenue which includes contributions from entities that number is only 33%.
    South Dakotans have directly contributed $2,132,669.07 to Billie Sutton who has raised a total of $3,181,819.10.
    South Dakotans have directly contributed $2,393,768.52 to Kristi Noem who has raised a total of $6,592,953.18.
    The difference in South Dakota direct contributions is $261,099.45
    Remember Kristi had a primary.
    Whose campaign revenue represents South Dakota best?

    1. Anonymous

      That isn’t really true. A big chunk of that out-of-state money came from the Noem-Rhoden Victory Fund. Although that joint fundraising committee has a mailing address in Virginia, practically all of its money came from SD donors. It distorts the reality to characterize that as “out of state” money.

  2. District 21

    Not sure who the hell her campaign manager is but id fire them.. not saying she didnt have a say in how things go and the ads, but good grief they suck! Im still voting for her cause i believe sutton to be a phony, but i do wish Kristi would have focused on her positive qualifications

      1. Anonymous

        Why? I’m not voting for his kid. People are too easily swayed by things like kids and cowboy hats. Sutton likes Bernie’s policirs, and that is not good for MY kids. Sutton can raise his kid to be a socialist, but don’t ruin then state for everyone else’s kids.

  3. Anonymous

    The facts are in her campaign finance report. Crunch the numbers. The Noem-Rhoden Victory Fund is a Federal PAC. If you take out PACs, Contributions from candidate committees, and out of State itemized contributions. Those are the numbers

  4. Anonymous

    This is how the Noem camp has run every campaign and won. Problem here is Billie hasn’t taken the bait and doubles down with Mr. Nice guy, why can’t we just get along. She burned up too much capital in the primary with the negative attacks and a lot of people haven’t forgotten.
    Ironically in my discussions she’s weakest with women and most are Republican. I’m afraid her die is cast and trying to look nice now looks phony. I hope anyone on the fence realizes the important phony is Billie with how conservative he says he is.
    He’s a liberal with a few conservative talking points and will change the landscape of SD politics and government for a long time!
    Point being even if you don’t like Kristi she will be a conservative Governor in every way and that’s what matters!

  5. Anonymous

    I trust the overwhelmingly republican state legislature to keep Billie in check for four years until we can get a better candidate. But Kristi will turn Pierre into a suburb of DC and the legislature will let her do whatever she wants.

    1. Anonymous

      This is about so much more than passing bills! You’re right that the Republican super majority can prevent him from passing gas but what narrative will that send to the voters? Split districts could turn democrat because the Republican in that seat looks like an obstructionist.
      Billie will have tremendous executive authority outside the legislative purview. He will make the Democrat party competitive again far beyond the Governor’s chair. This race is far bigger than Kristi!

  6. Cliff Hadley

    It’s relatively easy to go from statewide constitution office — especially governor and attorney general — to U.S. Senate, Congress or a cabinet appointment. But it’s always been sticky to go the other direction. Last one I remember in my experience was Cecil Andrus being elected Idaho governor 30-some years ago after serving as Carter’s Interior secretary.

    Go Kristi!

  7. Troy Jones


    The following current Governors came from DC:

    Hutchinson, Ark.
    Carney, Del.
    Deal, GA
    Otter, ID
    Dayton, MN
    Kasich, OH
    Fallin, OK
    Inslee, WA

    Besides promotion from LG, it is the most common path to Governor. Coming direct from the Legislature is among the rarest (only 2 current Governors so advance).

    1. Cliff Hadley

      Thank you, Mr. Jones. Andrus happened when I lived in Idaho. Should have done a couple clicks to find more. Still…. the road to Washington has four lanes, and the road back has, maybe, one.

    2. Cliff Hadley

      Forgot to ask, but when’s the last time one of South Dakota’s own came back from Washington and won statewide office?


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