Do you feed a Presidential fever and starve a cold or…..

The Philly Mag’s PhillyPost’s columnist discusses Thune’s potential as a Republican challenger to President Obama in 2012.  Larry Mendte calls Thune “a charismatic speaker, a true conservative and politically astute.”

Favorable media coverage never hurts and certainly feeds the speculation game surrounding a Thune candidacy.  It’ll continue to be fun to watch and see if Sen. Thune will be the one to break the SD presidency curse that has claimed other prominent Senators.  Of course before he can break the curse, we’ll have to see if Sen. Thune catches the Presidential fever.

6 Replies to “Do you feed a Presidential fever and starve a cold or…..”

  1. Arrowhead

    I’m confident that he is running.

    After I heard him speak at one of the Kristi Noem bus tour rallies I wasn’t sure if he was charismatic or really boring and flat. I thought he was dull so if he is going to run he’ll have to take some speaking lessons from Noem who is excellent and actually in my opinion a better speaker.

    But I think on debates and in interviews he will do better than everyone else because he is solid on issues and gives a straight answer.

  2. 73*

    I think my opinion of Thune running for President is that most South Dakotans don’t take him serious let alone the conservative activists in SD. Let’s hope Thune gets more support for his run in IA and Nh than he is in SD.


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