Do you trust the EPA?

Congresswoman Kristi Noem

The Yankton Press and Dakotan apparently still has faith that the Obama administration and the EPA will not enforce absurdly strict environmental regulations regulating farm dust. However I think most Americans have lost that trust for the EPA and President Obama.

I would feel more comfortable taking the EPA’s word not to regulate dust if there was a law making their word binding so they couldn’t change their minds at some point, perhaps the next time the wind blows favorable political dust in the Democrats’ direction.

In The Dust

THUMBS DOWN to Rep. Kristi Noem (R-S.D.), who can?t seem to find her way out of an imagined dust storm. Noem, along with Sen. Mike Johanns (R-Neb.), have both pushed legislation that would block changes by the Environmental Protection Agency to current air quality standards to include dust created by agriculture. We?ve been skeptical ever since we began hearing allegations that the EPA was going to crack down on farm dust, and for good reason: It is a myth. The EPA reinforced that fact in a recent letter to two U.S. senators, and even the president of the National Farmers Union said he hopes it ?puts to rest the misinformation regarding dust regulation.? However, these latest developments don?t seem to have cleared the dust from Noem?s eyes. She is vowing to continue the push for her legislation. We wish South Dakota?s lone representative would stop trying to stir the fears of farmers and ranchers and instead spend her time fighting real problems rather than imagined ones.

Noem’s take:

?EPA?s announcement does nothing to change the fact that they are still able to regulate farm dust.  If the EPA has no intention of regulating farm dust then they should support my legislation, which excludes farm dust managed at the state or local level from federal regulatory standards,? said Noem.

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  1. aNON

    If the EPA does do such a thing, the state should simply just ignore the law. We are too addicted to federal dollars and too afraid to loose them if we ignore their unconstitutional laws. How many times do we have to keep taking the federal carrots before we realize that they are poison?

  2. Spencer

    Just like when they claimed that they could not afford any more budget cuts until it was politically necessary to make them and then magically they found three entrances to their headquarters to shudder to save $300,000 a year. I wouldn?t believe a word they say.

    1. Anonymous

      Do you really think “bill clay” is a female? I’m getting the impression it’s several people. Notice no one else posts on here anymore. It’s like they decided to have everyone post under one identity. Kudos to them though.

    2. Fahz E. Behr

      Corey just doesn’t like it that he doesn’t know something. He’s like the whiny little kid in the back of the room shouting “look at me, look at me!” because no one is paying attention to him, rather, they’re paying attention to Bill.

      Keep on keepin on Bill…

  3. caheidelberger

    And Senator Mike Johanns is taking the EPA at its word. He has withdrawn his version of the Noem dust bill. Is Republican Johanns just a dupe of the EPA, or is he the grown-up in the room?

    1. springer

      Probably a child-like dupe who has been promised something by the O administration if he backs off on this. Should anyone trust the EPA? NO!!! Should anyone trust the O administration? Also NO!! There are any number of instances where O has lied – promises to get elected, promises regarding Obamacare ( I refuse to call this piece of crap anything but that), promises regarding the stimulus and now stimulus II, etc. He is ruling like a little dictator – if the legislative body does not do what he wants, he executes an executive order and it’s the law of the land anyway. How is that any different from a dictator? And an untrustworthy one at that.

  4. veldy

    Kind of like Stupak withdrawing his abortion funding amendment because the administration would issue an executive order?

  5. duggersd

    As Kristi has said, if the EPA has no intention of implementing those dust regs, then why would the oppose a law barring them from doing so? That would be like passing a law against murder. The only people who might object are people who contemplate murder.

    1. Anonymous

      Let’s make it a felony for circus elephants to trample crops. If the Shriners don’t intend to turn their elephants loose in the fields then they shouldn’t object. Rep. Noem can bring that bill next and really put farmers at ease.

  6. Duh

    You don’t get it or do but your pinheadedness causes you to blather. The analogy of murder is preposterous. If you hamstring the EPA, then it never comes up. If you take their word, you are held hostage to the prevailing political winds and before you know it, it passes both houses or somehow gets into law. Given the fact that we’ve dealt with Nancy Pelosi’s “pass it then see what’s in it”, I can see why Kristi and other anti-governmental intrusion leaders want this passed.

  7. springer

    Of course, in this political administration, Congress can do whatever it wants, and then Obama and his agencies will do what they want regardless thru executive fiat and regulations. Congress is becoming irrelevant, which is extremely dangerous.

  8. CaveMan

    First things first folks. Bury the EPA in lawsuits forcing them to explain their position on everything they propose while a class action lawsuit suing them for damages incured from all increases in the cost of energy and products caused by those unfounded regulations.

    And the neatest thing here is the Obama Administration just might want in as they will think we have found a new revenue stream.

    Here is something I.P., LK, and CH can get excited about. Then they won’t get so unruly when EARTHJUSTICE recants about stopping all coal burning and building Nuclear Generators in the Black Hills.

    ((Those $750,000,000 coal dust scrubbers the EPA is trying to force upon our good neighbors to the North are going to keep our young from dying in the winter months when the norse winds blow too!)) Yeah!! GO EPA

  9. Anonymous

    I’m a Noem voter but this legislation is a joke. Of course we don’t want the EPA regulating farm dust and they won’t/can’t.

    Noem is trying to save face on bringing stupid legislation. Someday she will need to learn from John Thune/other good GOP that just because you are garnering media attention for something doesn’t mean you have to push it until it starts to look bad.

    DROP IT!

  10. Les

    EPA, DOJ, DOH, USDA, FBI, CIA, FEMA, INS, DHS………who do you trust? Dust/Dirt? I’d say they’re all in need of some dirt regulation. Keep that dirt off your hands Kristi and get back into South Dakota or you’ll end up just like Herseth.

    1. Anonymous

      I hadn’t even thought about dust regulation until this year. The farmers are still kicking up a lot of it in my neck of the woods. I could use less grain dust in my alergies. Also all of the cars in town turn pink from the corn dryers. So there is too much dust in my town but I don’t need the EPA regualating it.

      What I would like to see Kristi regulate is the way chemicals are used in ag. Spray planes and sprayers can spray in 30 mph wind while who knows where the chemical lands… Farmers do need to be regulated in that regard.

  11. Anonymous

    “Probably the government in Washington could be trusted at one time, but now it seems like it’s all a game of who wins rather than what’s best for the people.”
    PAULETTE DELGADILLO, an interior decorator from Tempe, Ariz., responding to a poll.


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