Donald Trump hires a familiar face in Colorado

Congratulations to long-time friend of the SDGOP and former SDGOP ED Patrick Davis in being named Trump State Campaign Chair for Colorado:

Donald Trump’s campaign hired a veteran political operative Wednesday to lead his efforts in Colorado.

Patrick Davis, a Colorado Springs-based consultant, will serve as Trump’s state director — the first indication that the presumptive Republican nominee is building an infrastructure to make a play in this top battleground state.

The announcement came two days before Trump is scheduled to visit Colorado for the first time in 2016. He will give a speech Friday morning at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver.

Davis was the political director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee in 2004 and served as the executive director for the South Dakota Republican Party in 1995. More recently, he led the nascent super PAC, Go America PAC, that supported Robert Blaha’s unsuccessful campaign for U.S. Senate.

Read it all here.

10 Replies to “Donald Trump hires a familiar face in Colorado”

  1. Anonymous

    Your finger must have hit the wrong key. I know you know it’s Patrick Davis, as the story says.

  2. Anonymous

    Annette Bosworth and now Donald Trump. This guy keeps great company…. *eye roll*

      1. Michael Wyland


        I appreciate your posting the links. The Establishment Clearinghouse link won’t load on my computer, and I can’t access their website due to a “server not found” error. The Before It’s News link is a 2015 article addressing the issues in a past ProPublica article. The link I supplied was from Thursday, June 30, and appears to rehash the 2015 story again.

        I stand by the Nonprofit Quarterly story and the link between Joel Arends’s “fake vets charity” and Donald Trump, both because I currently serve as NPQ’s consulting editor and because the article’s author, Rick Cohen, while even more liberal than I am conservative, was a great and passionate writer known for doing more research than most correspondents, either Internet-based or print-based. [Rick died suddenly in late 2015.]

        I liked Patrick Davis when I was acquainted with him in the early to mid-1990s while he was SDGOP ED and I was a Governor’s Club member and also in leadership with the national YRs. We last spoke when I wrote a story for NPQ on Bosworth as a Senate candidate and the allegations surrounding her charity raffles. Davis reviewed the article at the time and was kind enough to speak with me about it in a pleasant conversation.

  3. jimmy james

    At a speech today in Denver, Sarah Palin expounded on why she thought Donald Trump won the Republican primary. She said it was because the public is tired of being betrayed by politicians who say one thing and do another.

    There is a sort of strange logic to what she says when you think about it. Since Trump takes two or three positions on most issues, it’s pretty tough to feel betrayed when, in the end, he tries to implement one of them.

    1. enquirer

      i think the point is, trump isn’t doing the political game for the political reason. if he’s expressing a variety of options, he’s found it expedient to keep his options open and be honest enough about it, not publicly lie to a group with the intention of betraying them after getting their vote.

      1. jimmy james

        It appears you recognize that, in fact, Trump does have multiple stands for individual issues. But, you see, that isn’t the only problem.

        Trump expresses outrage at the Chinese economy but he manufactures his shirts and ties there. He defames Mexican immigrants but he hires them when it pads his wallet. He claims politicians are bought off but he admits to buying them off. He applies a religious test to immigrants when he really doesn’t seem to adhere to any religious values himself. He repeatedly calls others liars but he ran a nonexistent scam University for his own profit.

        Yes, Enquirer, he likes to keep his “options open” but I would not call it “honest”.

  4. Anon

    The worst of political hackery. He was right on the middle of the goofy Bosworth stuff.