14 thoughts on “Donald Trump on ducking debates (from 2011) #DonaldDuck

  1. Anonymous

    Why do folks scream about Trump’s overexposure and tabloid coverage then

    provide him with even more coverage for not showing up at a debate?

    1. Anonymous

      I think if he doesn’t show up they should just report he’s not showing up and drop it. If he isn’t man enough to take any criticism-a usually-Democrat trait-then he isn’t the man for the job.

  2. PorterLansing

    NEWSMAX is an invalid, unsound and sophistic source that’s only believed by right wing extremist kooks.

    1. Anonymous

      PorterLansing is a mindless drone for the Dumbocrat/Liberal/Socialist/Pagan party, and is only believe by morons who share his idiotic world view.

      1. PorterLansing

        Republicans only criticize you when they’re afraid of you. Other then that they only think about themselves and with pretty low self-esteem at that.

    1. PorterLansing

      What’s Not to like about this person’s opinion? It’s like they received tablets from Mt. Sinai. 🙂

  3. duggersd

    He needs to quit whining. Man up, Donald. For a guy bragging about how he can make a deal, he does not seem to make one today.

  4. Troy Jones

    I think Trump made three calculated decisions:

    1) He doesn’t have the organization to compete in the Caucus’s (unique electoral animal) compared to Cruz, Rubio & Bush. Thus, he is likely to underperform his polling. This gives him an excuse for underperforming.

    2) He doesn’t do as well in this format as most of the other candidates.

    3) He realizes what poll leaders have known/done for decades- poll leaders only have downside in debates.

    4) He doesn’t need the “ticket” out of Iowa and wants to preserve his large NH lead which likely could only be affected by a bad debate performance. Rational risk mitigation.

  5. jimmy james

    I am puzzled as to why someone with Trump’s money could possibly have an inadequate ground game in Iowa. Does he really want this? I sometimes get the feeling that he (and Carson) got in this for reasons other than winning.

    Carson disappears on a book tour and foreign trips as soon as he starts polling near the top. And Trump doesn’t put up the money to compete. Donald Trump has purchased little advertising promoting himself or opposing any of his competitors. He has only a minor league ground game by most accounts. Even though he has gotten tons of free publicity this is all still very strange.

    And then there’s Cruz. Well, with opponents like that, he might succeed in his lifelong quest of “world domination”.

    Talk radio’s three amigos. Two who don’t seem to want it and a third who might want it a bit too much.

  6. Anonymous

    1. Trump’s debate performances have neither hindered nor helped his poll numbers. There was and is no indication that his attendance at this debate would have been made any different in terms of poll numbers.


    2. Trump’s poll numbers have held steady for months in spite of, or because of, many controversies. It was unlikely that a “poor” debate performance a few days out would have made any difference.

    3. Trump has defied conventional primary history since he jumped in months ago, so references to what has happened historically does not apply to Trump.

    Statements to the contrary are simply uninformed musings.