Don't come a-knocking…

SHS has taken a position at SDSU…..and says she knows she’s missed:

Herseth Sandlin replied, “Because I have sensed that sentiment, that’s why I’m not going anywhere.”

But wait just a minute…..KN set a record for fundraising in the first quarter of this year.

Kristi Noem (R-SD) announced today her campaign raised more money in the first quarter of 2011 than any other previous South Dakota incumbent Member of the House of Representatives in any quarter of a non-election year.  Noem raised $396,099 in the first quarter of 2011 and reported $316,364 cash on hand.

And what’s more — $222, 549 was from individuals.

SHS may feel the need to stick around — but KN’s campaign fundraising suggest the door to a serious challenge may be closing quicker than the Dems may have thought.

Read the full SHS article in the Argus

33 Replies to “Don't come a-knocking…”

    1. Name

      It’d be interesting to see what Thune raised in ’98 and then get an idea comparing it with inflation. Thought Thune didn’t have any competition waiting in the wings like Kristi does with BJ and SHS.

  1. caheidelberger

    Boy, I’m sure glad Congresswoman Noem is spending so much time raising money for the next campaign while Citizen Herseth Sandlin piddles around taking jobs and board positions that will allow her to serve the interests of her fellow South Dakotans.

    1. PNR

      Were you equally glad when Congresswoman Herseth-Sandlin spent so much time raising money for her next campaign while Citizen Noem piddled around running businesses and taking jobs that allowed her to serve fellow South Dakotans?

      Or is it only OK when Democrat Pols raise money?

      1. Name

        “Life is not
        the way it’s supposed to be; it’s the way it is.

        The way we cope
        with it is what makes the

        Hate is not the answer.

    2. "El Toro Grande Loco" (The Big Crazy Bull)

      If that gets your little goat, wait till you find out she is hitting NUMEROUS GOP Lincoln Day banquets across the state, helping raise serious bank for the incumbent party, and inciting the masses into a frather. Keep offering the discount whine, harvested from those sour grapes, offers the public a clear choice.

      1. Truthinator

        I’m not sure the GOP masses need any help getting into a frather. The great news is that Kristi has accomplished much, much more than SHS in a short time. Her $500 doo and makeup lessons are three or four years more advanced than SHS was. Great job at becoming an insider already!

  2. Duh

    @ CAheidelbergerbergerwithfries: ” piddles around taking jobs and board positions that will allow her to serve the interests of her fellow South Dakotans”. Right. The only interest being served is her wallet. She has as much connection with SD, even more so now, than Doogie Houser.

  3. Lee Schoenbeck

    so can anybody explain how you teach in Brookings while you live in Virginia and work in DC? I really mean this seriously. Anybody know? As somebody who didn’t mind catching a few zzzs if the teacher wasn’t too demanding, this sounds like a class that would attract my ilk!

    1. anon

      seriously, why is SDSU giving her a platform…what is in it for them. The house and SDSU will be her ticket to claim she never left…

    1. anon

      Lee, In your time involved in SD politics do you remember an incumbant congreessperson who had rivals like SHS and Brendan Johnson ready to go?

      I know Thune trounced his house opponents and Johnson was in for 10 years. I see the need for Noem to raise a lot of money compared with Thune since he was always the hunter in politics. Noem dispatched SHS for us but Daschle didn’t hang around like SHS is doing and Brendan is just becoming viable.

      Pure and simple she raised a lot of money but SHS didn’t have any worries when she made it in either.

      1. feasant

        There are always viable candidates around. But most of them have no desire to enter politics, for whatever reason. If SHS runs against Noem it will be a landslide, just like Thune trounced Wieland the second time. TJ jr will not run against Noem, he will wait for the open seat.

  4. farber

    So how does being a mommy of a toddler figure into her plans to commute every week? Or is this all over the net? And as stated above, SDSU is cutting programs so where do they get the money for her? Oh wait,, I’ll bet it’s from the HIGHLY inflated food plans they mandate that the students buy. If the students could eat all that they have to pay for, they would weigh 300 pounds!

  5. Duh

    Then I’ll use the press releases from the pinheads in their attacks on Kristi to attack SHS: “A woman with a small child has no business uprooting her child to do this or that…. A woman should be at home with her young child. For shame…” Hypocrocisy.

  6. Garry

    Lee: If you read the Argus story closely you will see that she is to be an adjunct instructor, meaning it is a nonessential position. That being said my guess is there is no pay and it will only be on a very, very limited basis. Something like issuing a honorary doctorate.

    1. anon

      So its a political platform for her, that seems to be obvious…nothing more. Not all adjuncts are created equally but her announcement reaks only of politics, not of bringing anything to the student boyd. For shame and for stupid us all.

  7. Les

    So, as my friend Dan says, “if the government is shutting down, they will be eliminating nonessential positions, if they are nonessential, why are they there in the first place?

    What would your answer for that be Garrry?

  8. Garry Moore

    Les: Probably won’t teach and likely won’t get paid! Kind of like issuing honorary Doctorates, if you aren’t really a PhD why should any institution issue the Doctorate? Only cosmetic in nature and ads nothing to a resume, nothing at all. CHILL OUT people.

  9. farber

    No, I won’t chill out and assume this is nothing at all. This gives SHS more oomph when she says she is a SD resident and works in SD. And most people won’t know the difference whether it’s a title or an actual job that she actually shows up for. All politics.

  10. William

    The article reads as if it’s possible that SHS was offered the position shortly before she spoke, “”I have accepted on the spot,” she told a friendly crowd of about 150 about the teaching offer.”

    The “adjunct” prefix to her position does indicate it’s a part-time non-salaried, non-tenure track position where’s she’s paid for each class she teaches. More or less an “honorary professor” that will be available on an unscheduled basis.

    It’s obviously smart, on her part, as it gives the appearance of a South Dakota “presence” regardless of where she actually lives and works at her “real job”. In all honesty, it’s not a bad move on the part of SDSU either, as she’s still a political “star” in the state and an inexpensive way to promote her ties to the school and her former “hometown”.

    It’s a very volatile political climate and, while she ran a rather poor campaign in 2010, it would be dangerous to underestimate her. As I stated during the last campaign, I think Stephanie started off underestimating Kristi, reacted poorly to Kristi’s rapid rise and began taking it personally, which resulted in some rather poor reactions on her part. If she decides to run again, particularly against Kristi, it may well be personal but I wouldn’t expect her to make the same mistakes.

  11. anon

    I don’t like SHS one bit but she is viable. I don’t think she will ever get below 45% in SD.

    People in SD still like SHS. They just didn’t like what Dems were doing and SHS wasn’t yelling stop.

    The budget cuts will be an interesting test for Noem. I think she is smart and articulate enough to not make a mistake but if the GOP goes after some cuts Noem doesn’t want and Ethanol, B1 etc make it to the chopping block then it will continue to be a close race.

    Cuts will force hardship for GOP politicians just as over spending did for Dems. I have no doubt though that Noem can navigate the environment.

  12. anon


    I totally agree with you. SHS is not going to go away quietly. It will take Kristi another round to put SHS’s political career down for good.

  13. CaveMan

    William you are forgetting one thing here. SHS cannot ever take a shot across the bow in stride looking pleasant. Remember she is a liberal woman who will not accept any other intellectually sound advice especially from a conservative farm wife who has once beaten her. Rep. Noem needs only a continued array of unpleasant truths covering the lifestyle of SHS and her association with the party of spend baby spend to crush her in the next election should SHS be so foolish to completely become a boat anchor for the SDDP.

    And on top of that what is up with SDSU giving SHS any teaching degree knowing she is an attorney and knows nothing about farming or ranching. Had USD asked her to instruct some students in their respective law classes as they have asked other great attorneys like former Governor WIlliam Janklow and former State Senator Lee Schoenbeck it would have made sense.

    All this just before the pink slips get sent out to all the extension agents in the state. Yikes talk about poor timing.

  14. anonymous

    I have a really hard time seeing how Noem gets lower than 51% in SD. She is a really great person. Liberals don’t like her but that doesn’t mean all of her former colleagues don’t lover her in Pierre. Almost everyone who knows her well loves her. Just ask the other elected officials.

    Noem is going to be a Senator in 4 years.

  15. Name

    Northern State is losing a Criminal Justice/Political Science Professor in May. Dr. Smith needs to recruit Rep. Herseth Sandlin for that position.

  16. westriverlurker

    I campaigned for SHS but I think Noem is doing a good job, much better than I anticipated for a freshman. I didn’t want Noem in office but now that she’s there, I’m trying to support the work she’s doing for our state. These petty attacks on women (from both sides of the aisle) because of hair or outfits or new boots really turn me off politics. I expect better from you guys.


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