Dr. Annette Bosworth in Yankton, interviewed by Yankton Daily

Dr. Annette Bosworth continues her loop around South Dakota, this time stopping in Yankton, where she notes to the press she’d like to be US Senator John Thune’s wingman:

Congress needs fewer “yes” men, and Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) could use a good wingman, according to a Sioux Falls physician considering a run for the U.S. Senate.

“One of the frustrating things about what’s gone on in Washington is the stuckness in thinking,” said Dr. Annette Bosworth during an informal meet and greet Wednesday at JoDean’s. The physician’s stop in Yankton was part of her statewide tour to speak with South Dakotans and explore a run for Congress on the Republican ballot.

In an interview with the Press & Dakotan, Bosworth said one of the primary problems with Congress is the “career politician.”

“They want to get re-elected and satisfy where the money comes from,” she said. “They spend as much time raising money and politicking for funds as they do understanding the issues they are there to represent your state for. That needs to change.”


“I don’t think you could provide a better platform to say it’s not about the money, the prestige, or the title of being senator that I do this for,” she said. “I’m doing this because South Dakota needs a voice.”

That platform would also include a self-imposed two-term limit, she said.

“The idea is that you’ll go to the U.S. Senate and be there forever and get re-elected again and again and that you’ll make a difference. But the chances that will get you the outcomes you’re looking for is so close to zero,” she said. “That’s not how humans work. There needs to be a deadline. You need to say the words ‘I failed’ if what you are trying to do in that time doesn’t end up being accomplished. And if you fail, you need to leave so someone else can do it.”

Should she decide to run, Bosworth added she would be a good companion to Sen. Thune during her time in office.

“He has some great ideas, and he really needs a partner next to him with great ideas and passion to fuel his ideas and to be his wingman,” she said. “He doesn’t need a shadow who hangs out behind him and is a yes man. He needs somebody who has strengths of their own and can show up at the table and say, ‘As a pair, we can do amazing things.’”

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  1. remember this

    Senator Thune made the same promise when he ran for Congress, he promised to serve no more than three terms in House…perhaps a pledge he made with an eye towards eventually running for the senate.

    This is certainly a compelling notion in that there is no where, “to go,” from the Senate and Dr. Senator Tom Coburn made the same pledge with great success given the stature he’s built up with a self imposed two term limit pledge.

  2. Anon

    Make no mistake — this isn’t about South Dakota, this is about her and her husband. They love the attention so they’ll march around the state in the white lab coat interrupting people having dinner all over the place and call those conversations campaign events.

  3. Guest

    Is it odd that she sees the 2 senate seats combined into 1 airplane?

    And does John Thune get to vote on having a two-term-anti-fundraising-pro-Che-labcoat-wearing wingman?

    Final question: It’s about ‘stuckness’. It gets a red -not-really-a-word-underline as I type. Does that mean we should or should not accept her use of ‘stuckness’ ?

    Please discuss …

    1. Bree S.

      Right, who cares what she has to say to the news? I’m more interested in what Stace has to say to the news:

    2. Anon

      Stace should get an aluminum helmet or a Lora Hubbel bunker. The paranoia he has that there is some sort of government conspiracy out to get him or keep conservatives out of politics just runs thick with this guy. I think he ultimately will be too chicken to run for the Senate seat.

              1. Bob Ellis

                The video quality was my fault. I had computer problems this morning after capturing it on my TV tuner last night, and was in a super rush to just get it clipped and uploaded before I had to head out the door.

            1. caheidelberger

              And what’s with that massive run-on sentence at the end? Was Shad extemping? It was almost incomprehensible.

              Note also the editorializing in the editing: when Shad runs Stace’s quote about pragmatists going along to get along, he throws up clips of Tim Johnson, not of the Republican mainstreamers whom he’s really after.

              1. Bree S.

                True, Stace is mostly aiming his complaints at Republicans. And based on Tim Johnson’s scores of 0-5% on conservative scorecards I would call him an idealist, lol.

  4. anon

    “loop” is the correct word, people need to move off this as it is a distraction, entertaining but a waste of time.


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