Dr. Fred Deutsch to run for District 4 State House

Dr. Fred Deutsch to run for District 4 State House

Dr. Fred Deutsch today announced his intention to run for the South Dakota House of Representatives for District 4 (Grant, Deuel, Rural Brookings and rural Codington Counties) in the 2018 election. Deutsch, a Republican, served previously in the legislature from 2015-16. He served on the Education, Health, and Commerce committees.

“I have spent my life dedicated to public service and to caring for people,” Deutsch said. “When I heard one of the Reps wasn’t planning to run again, Kathleen and I began to pray about returning to the legislature. As things came together, we felt it right to run again.”

If elected, Dr. Deutsch said his priorities will include keeping our children safe at school and improving transparency and civility in government.  Deutsch continued, “As a father and grandfather, and a former school board member, the only thing more important to me than providing our children world-class schools is providing them safe schools.”

“If the voters return me to Pierre, I will promote transparency and civility in government, and will always listen to the people. It was an honor to serve the people of District 4 and the State of South Dakota, and it would be my great honor to serve them again for the next two years.”

Deutsch has lived in rural Watertown since 1983. He met his wife Kathleen, a Webster native, at chiropractic school and they have practiced together in Watertown for 35 years. They raised four daughters and have maintained an active life serving their patients, church and community.

Dr. Deutsch cites his upbringing as the son of a Holocaust survivor who came to America with a sixth-grade education and spent his life working as a laborer as what has influenced his love of public service and education.

18 Replies to “Dr. Fred Deutsch to run for District 4 State House”

  1. Anonymous

    Fred’s a nice guy, but as a chiropractor I wish he had the backbone to support his own bills to the finish. I wonder if he’ll get Deb Peters’ endorsement this time ?

  2. Anonymous

    So he stated in the Register that he’s running because someone else is not. Who? Kettwig or Mills? Both have been somewhat disappointing from a conservative perspective

      1. Anonymous

        Kettwig has been very disappointing from a conservative perspective. Not sorry to see him leave. He rarely had time for parades, crackerbarrels , etc.

  3. grudznick

    They’re getting the Bonecracker Caucus back together again for a reunion tour.

    Calling Hubbell and Munsterman

    1. Anonymous

      Really? So, a dentist is not a doctor nor is a veterinarian. How about a radiologist or an optometrist or an anesthesiologist? Just curious, what is your definition of a doctor?

  4. Lee Schoenbeck

    Dr Fred did a great job in leading the opposition to the assisted suicide measure this past year. Good to see him returning to Pierre

  5. Charlie Hoffman

    Fred is a guy who I would call old school Statesman. A very much needed quality in the Legislature.
    Go get after it Fred!!!

  6. Troy Jones

    I believe Fred was urged to not run a couple of years ago by the Holy Spirit as it was His plan to use Fred to fight the legalization of assisted suicide. It is amazing how He always gets His way. 🙂

    I trust God has a plan for Fred in the legislature this time. He seems to like using him for great things.

  7. grudznick

    Mr. Fred always gets his way? Or this ghost of yours, Mr. Jones, it gets its way? There are a lot of fantasies and ghosts and goblins dancing around these days.

    1. KM

      Please, Nick, do tell us what you really think of Christians. Do you promote persecution of them too? For some time now there’s been a noticeable change in attitude: angry and discriminatory. Too much time on DFP cannot be healthy for one’s soul. Oh wait, you may not even believe you have a soul, my apologies if that’s the case.

      Watch Your Thoughts, They Become Words; Watch Your Words, They Become Actions.

      Prayers to Deutsch for a successful race, God bless you.