“Dr.” Terry Lee LaFleur sues his enemies for ….. One Hundred Meeellion Dollars!

I’m not sure I can take this seriously.  We have a man who on a self-titled basis is calling himself “Doctor” is suing the secretary of state, the Republican Party, Gordon Howie, Lora Hubbel, Frank Fluckinger, et al, for….. 100 MILLION DOLLARS!

In case you want to read “Doctor” Terry Lee LaFleur’s pro se lawsuit for yourself…

14. On or about July 12, 2018 a secret meeting was called by Joel Bergan and Lora Hubbel in Rapid City, South Dakota. At this meeting were Gordon Howie, other Tea Party members, unknown Republican Party members, and Frank Fluckiger, Marilee Roose, and Shantel Krebs participated by telephone. The purpose of this meeting was to finalize the plan to oust Lori Stacey as the legal Chairman of the CPSD prior to July 14, 2018. The defendants intended to vet an illegal ticket to Shantel Krebs, which Mr. Lederman would immediately challenge on the grounds that Lora Hubbel was in fact not the legal Chairman of the CPSD.


The Plaintiff prays this Court award compulsory and compensatory damages in an amount of $100,000,000 for the willful, intentional, wanton and deliberate tortuous acts or omissions on the part of the defendants in violation of the Plaintiffs Constitutional Rights

LaFleur Lawsuit by Pat Powers on Scribd

I’m not sure how one responds to a demand such as this…

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27 thoughts on ““Dr.” Terry Lee LaFleur sues his enemies for ….. One Hundred Meeellion Dollars!”

  1. One hundred million dollars. $100,000,000.

    I thought that perhaps by spelling it out and then putting in numeric form it would seem less ridiculous in my mind. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Nope, it’s still ridiculous. 🙄🙄

  2. Just think: if IM22 had been allowed to stand he could have gotten “Democracy credits” to pay for this suit.

  3. Will the good doctor be representing himself in this lawsuit? Why is he shorting himself with only $100 million lawsuit. He should sue for 1 quadrillion dollars and negotiate from there.

  4. Governor only get paid like $115,000 ( grossly underpaid, but none the less the statute).

    115,000 x 4=$460k, even give hima second term== 920k…way far of ahundred million

  5. Terry has already announced he is running in 2022.

    Greetings & Salutations my fellow South Dakotans! My name is Dr. Terry Lee LaFleur, and I am running for the office of Governor in 2022. I am seeking campaign committee workers for all positions. If you would like to assist me in my campaign email me at [email protected]. Please only serious inquiries!
    We are conducting interviews this week for positions open, some are volunteer, but others can become paid positions!
    Put together a verifiable resume and call to schedule a face-to-face interview now! Thanks!

  6. This goofball doesn’t know when to quit, does he? Does he think that this is good for his family and his future? And does he really think that he should be called “Doctor”? What an ego without much to back it up.

  7. You should have seen the guy in court today…..I felt so sorry for the Judge. The Judge looked like he was ready to hold him in contempt of court. This guy is not going away, but I sure am. lol. You should have heard his interview with KELO…….what an embarrassment…….now watch he will be suing me for 200 million. lol

  8. I attended as a Constitution Party candidate the court hearing in Sioux Falls. Terry LaFleur was a total embarrassment and was not party to the suit that was filed. The latitude that Judge Lange afforded him was way beyond what I believe was necessary. The Constitution Party, for all that it could have been, is totally tainted and if “Dr” Strangelove LaFleur has anything to do with it, I for one, will not. There will be other alternatives.

  9. Agree. The Judge won’t even call him Dr. He and Lori and Mike can have it. They are like flies on Sh*t. Not going away. I will be changing back to Independnent Monday morning. Don’t want to be part of a disfunctional controlling threesome that is out to destroy anybody they can’t controll. Sorry I will not play your One Hundred Million Dollar game………..

      1. I agree there is a need but being a “monumental task” as some have indicated to me it would take a monumental effort and several very determined people that are just not happy with the status quo in politics in general. I honestly believe it’s possible with a serious effort.

    1. Did the Doctor attempt to correct the Judge by insisting he be addressed as Dr. Terry Lafleur in the courtroom?

      1. The judge did asked him what kind of doctor he was and when he said, “law.” The judge then asked if he was a “practicing attorney” and he had to say the he was not!

      2. No lol, but he did try and correct the Judge on the correct wording of the CP….ooops I should say CPSD. Der Furher said to the Judge, that’s the law. The Judge pretty much told him to sit down. It was quite entertaining. Der Furher is nothing but a know it all. You can’t reason with him.

    2. Why call yourself an independent, Tara? You have already announced your support of the Democrat slate of candidates. You’re so conservative you are going to vote for Democrats.

      1. Actually I am still registered Constitution party, but I will be changing back to Independent if Terry La Fuhrer has anything to do with it. I post about all partys. That’s what makes me Independent. I haven’t decided who I will be voting for but it will not vote status quo. I usually vote 3rd party but things could change this time around. Could you post where a said I am voting for the slate of Democrats? Thanks.

  10. lol…He told the judge he is Dr. Terry Lafleur. The Judge responded by calling him mr, Lafleaur.

  11. I hope the State, Sec. of State, etc, file a counter motion or suit for attorneys fees incurred by all his frivolous lawsuits. I’m sick of my tax dollars being spent on his lunacy.

  12. Don’t worry, the Hundred million dollar suit will be thrown out. He is nothing but a sore loser. He knew he couldn’t win the nomination so he became an obstructionist. I have never seen anything like it. He couldn’t get on the ballot so he was going to make sure nobody else was. Classy.

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