Drinking Liberally Sioux Falls: Tornberg to seek another 4 year term as SDDP Chair

You might have to mark Ann Tornberg down alongside Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi as among the country’s top Democrat politicians who completely lack any self-awareness.

After leading the South Dakota Democrat Party to record losses, and bottoming out Democrat voter registration, according to the Drinking Liberally Sioux Falls website South Dakota Democrat Party Chairwoman Tornberg is throwing her name in the ring for another 4-year term as chairman of the SDDP:

What! Tornberg for SDDP Chair Again! Not the Day to give up Drink.

In South Dakota: Ann Tornberg, the current Chair of the South Dakota Democratic Party (SDDP) has announced she will seek another 4 year term as State Party Chair despite the continuing decline in Democratic voter registration (down over 13% under her leadership and now resting at 29% of all registered voters, the lowest it has been in living memory) and the lack of success the Democratic Party has enjoyed statewide in recent years (no Democrat has won statewide since 2008 while Democratic representation in the state legislature has declined from 20 seats in 2014 to 16 seats today) . I guess Ann thinks when you are losing, more of the same is a good thing.

Go read the entire post here.

The faithful followers of the South Dakota Republican Party heartily and loudly endorse this message. Let me hear the chant – Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

(Update – this must actually be a birthday present for SDGOP Chairman Dan Lederman, who is celebrating another trip around the sun today. Happy Birthday Dan!)

11 Replies to “Drinking Liberally Sioux Falls: Tornberg to seek another 4 year term as SDDP Chair”

    1. Anonymous

      The GOP was 12k votes away from losing the governors race.

      In the next 2 years I hope the GOP shakes up stagnant County parties and builds on Lederman’s success.

      We need workers in the county GOP offices.

  1. C. Ermle

    She must call it quits or the party will die. I hope Democrats realize if it wasn’t for her poor leadership Sutton would be Governor-elect.

    1. Anonymous

      What did she do that caused Sutton to lose?

      examples please… and if not Ann then how about we name some alternatives….Joe Lowe?


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