Dusty Johnson 2016 4q FEC Report. 105k Raised. 1.6k Spent, 103k Cash on Hand

2018 South Dakota Congressional Candidate Dusty Johnson got off to a very strong start in his first quarter of fundraising for the campaign. Especially considering his efforts only started a week before Thanksgiving, two years prior to the 2018 General Election.

Just under $105k raised. $1600 spent, and having over $103,000 cash on hand is a pretty good way to kick of his campaign, and shows the steep uphill battle that any potential challengers would face.

Dusty Johnson 2016 4q FEC by Pat Powers on Scribd

And yes, before you point it out in the comment section, I did send Dusty a check. As should you.

25 Replies to “Dusty Johnson 2016 4q FEC Report. 105k Raised. 1.6k Spent, 103k Cash on Hand”

  1. Anonymous

    At this point I would be surprised if Dusty has a serious primary opponent. I think he’s unbeatable!

  2. Anonymous

    He’s the hardest working public servant we’ve had. He’s a machine when he campaigns and will be very hard to beat.

  3. Anon

    Looks like mostly low hanging fruit (that’s not a criticism). His former co-workers in the Gov’s office look to be on board, all of the big names in Mitchell, and a few establishment figures from across the state (Lawrence, Rave, Mickelson, McCaulley, etc). Pretty impressive consolidation of support early on but nothing terribly surprising.

  4. Anonymous

    Dusty the real deal and I’m happy he’s running. He’s a good honest republican. He’s done a great job as the leader of TAR’s and will have an arm of TAR’s running his grassroots efforts!

  5. William Beal

    I’ve always been impressed with Dusty, not just for his political skills, but as a person. I consider him highly qualified for any office he seeks.

  6. All in 4 Dusty

    Anyone that’s ever worked with Dusty knows his work ethic and his personal ethics. He’s what we need in DC.

  7. Anonymous

    The biggest names in each community appear to have taken sides: Ness (Yankton), Calvin (Watertown), Christen (Huron), Kirby (Sioux Falls), Fouberg (Aberdeen), etc.

    1. Carol K.

      These folks will give to all of the primary candidates for both Gov and House from what I gather.

  8. Anonymous

    Wow he has raised a lot of money in a short period of time! Keep it up DJ! Always run like you’re behind.

    1. Anonymous

      Dusty Johnson is my hero. He is the best. No one is better. I don’t think South Dakota has ever had someone more dedicated and hard working. Most people in state government work 8-5. Dusty works around the clock. Rain, snow or sunshine Dusty is grinding it out. The thing is that this race is locked up right now but Dusty will still compete because he competes with himself as if he is in a ten person race.

  9. Troy Jones

    Winning elections (being an effective candidate) is analogous to being a four tool baseball player (hit for average, hit for power, good on base paths, good arm). Effective candidates have these tools:

    1) Policy wonk: Dusty’s performance as PUC Commissioner (ultimate policy wonk position) and being deep in the issues as Governor’s Chief of Staff.

    2) Good speaker: how many times has he been the Lincoln Day keynoter despite being a lower level elected official?

    3) Likes people: The guy can be in any crowd and seem to get energy from the interaction.

    4) Hard worker: The guy covers more ground than virtually any existing politician except maybe Thune.

    5) Raises money: Proven by this performance.

    It will take someone very special to give him a run for his money. Don’t know such a five-tool politician is out there.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m trying to figure out which of those 5 things Donald Trump is good at. Probably 4.

      Which one exemplifies Rounds?

      They both win. Not everyone is John Thune. But Trump will probably get more done.

  10. Anonymous

    This money is impressive and will intimidate others like Krebs and Tapio from running against him.

  11. Anonymous

    This is just the start. Dusty going to raise a lot of money and cash is king in campaigns. He’s got an early start that’s going to make it difficult for anyone else to compete with him.