Dusty Johnson 2017 3rd Quarter FEC Report: $118k Raised, $55k Spent, and $351K Cash on hand.

GOP Congressional Candidate Dusty Johnson’s report it in, and he’s showing a total of 117,689.07 raised. 55.360.75 spent, leaving the candidate 350,684.50 Cash on hand.

Dusty Johnson 2017 q 3 by Pat Powers on Scribd

What’s notable from Dusty’s report? In this round, Representative David Lust, Mike Stevens & Nancy Rassmussen were in, and so were former State Representatives Alex Jensen, Jacqueline Sly & Nick Moser. Senator Jeff Partridge sent Dusty a check, as did former State Senators Dave Knudson and Al Kurtenbach who were also contributing to the Dusty Johnson election fund.

We also had State Chief Financial officer Liza Clark, DPS head Trevor Jones, former SDGOP ED Herb Jones, Secretary of Correction Denny Kaemingk, Chief of Staff Tony Venhuizen and Lt. Governor Matt Michels. Former first Lady Pat Miller and Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate Paul Ten Haken were also on the donor list.

What did he spend 55K on? There were a couple of larger disbursements for various consultants, but no more that $2-5000 at the most. The lions share by far went to campaign employees and towards campaigning activities. Most were small dollar, but they do add up. And I think it’s evident from the Johnson campaign’s constant presence at events and parades.

Will the up-front efforts help down the line, and pay off in the end? We shall see!

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  1. Anonymous

    On page 3 of his report it says $106,000 from individuals and then lower it says “the candidate” $9,000.

    So does that mean he raised $106,000 from people across the state? I’m going to read Krebs and Bjorkman’s report for this also.


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