Dusty Johnson Announces Record $500K Raised for Congressional Bid

Dusty Johnson Announces Record $500K Raised for Congressional Bid

MITCHELL, SD – The Dusty Johnson for Congress campaign announced raising a record breaking $500,000 in South Dakota’s Republican primary. The sum is more than has been raised by any non-incumbent at this stage in a congressional primary.

This announcement comes after Dusty Johnson received national recognition as “On The Radar” by the National Republican Congressional Committee as a part of their Young Guns program. The program identifies competitive campaigns based on certain performance metrics including fundraising.

“Thanksgiving has come early this year,” said Dusty Johnson. “We have been working hard to spread my positive message about improving our communities and infrastructure, taking power back from DC for South Dakota families, and finding a way to end the dysfunction in Washington. The level of investment that we have received thus far is proof that South Dakotans know that only I have the experience to make sure that Washington gets back to work for South Dakotans.”

Dusty Johnson grew up in a working-class family in Central South Dakota and graduated from USD Vermillion. A former policy staff member for Governor Mike Rounds, Dusty learned early on he had a passion for public service. After serving on the Public Utilities Commission, Dusty became Governor Daugaard’s Chief of Staff and helped lead the state out of a $127 million deficit. Dusty currently works as Vice President at Vantage Point Solutions in Mitchell where he helps telecommunications companies deploy fiber and broadband into rural communities.


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  1. An eye-popping figure for sure…I would like to look back and see how much he had raised through last quarter to compare that to now.

    He should have waited at least till Monday if not the next week though…stuff gets buried on Friday and holiday weeks.

  2. When did Dusty start his campaign? Wasn’t about a year ago–I remember is was in November 2016

  3. ” helped lead the state out of a $127 million deficit”

    There was no $127 million budget deficit, and I gave him the analysis that exposed the lie. He will never get my support by using that lie as a campaign tactic.

    1. But if there was a deficit then, it was Obama’s Recovery Act, and its hand out to the states, that was the solvency and not Dusty and the Gov….

      1. Well no. That was true in 2009 and 2010. All the federal stimulus money went away then. When Gov. Daugaard took office in 2011, the reason he and the legislature had to cut $127 million was that the stimulus money had gone away.

        You can go look at the budget bill and see.

        1. So then you admit, unlike most Republicans in this state, that we actually have not been balancing our budgets non stop for the last 128 years, huh?

          And correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t the economy start to take off in 2011, and any 2011 concerns were an overreaction based on a 2009 and 2010 reality and not an understanding of the soon to be actual 2011 reality?

        2. The federal money did not entirely go away. The deficit was only $12 million and the Obama stimulus was $100s of millions. Dusty is spreading liberal big government propaganda.

  4. He needs to get a real job. Meet a payroll, deal with government red tape, then he may be ready but not now. He has been a professional government employee.

    1. He does have a real job. In addition to working in telecommunications he was a governor’s chief of staff and helped countless people with red tape. One thing Gov Daugaard gets almost no credit for is all the nonsensical regulations that were taken off the books. Dusty helped make that happen.

    2. I just can’t believe he’s been running for Congress for over a year. Where does the time go? Kristi also. Marty has been running for governor for 3. Oh my gosh. This is forever.

  5. Dusty has been an owner of Vantage Point longer than Shantel has been SOS. If she’s going to make the SOS experience the foundation of her congressional run, she can’t very easily discount his significant private sector successes during a longer time frame.

    1. Is he an owner? I thought he was just an employee?

      Honest question, not being sarcastic, I don’t know…anyone know?

      1. He probably has stocks as part of his compensation, but I think it is a stretch to say he owns the company. Larry Thompson is the CEO and Founder, Dusty is the VP of Consulting.

        1. His disclosure says he owns more than a half million dollars worth of the company. I guess where I come from that seems like he’s an owner.

    2. It’s been the same amount of time. Dusty left after the 2014 election, the same election that Shantel was elected in.

  6. Holding stock in a corporation doesn’t make you a business owner. Your spin might work in DC but not here. Following that logic if I own stock in GM I am the owner. Ha! Once again, we need somebody who has actually owned a business, made payroll and did on a daily basis what a small business owner has to do to survive. I know the owners of Vantage Point, Dusty isn’t one of them.

    1. Anonymous 1:57 pm, you are wrong regarding Dusty being an owner. I asked him if his dividends are taxed on Schedule D (as passive shareholders in GM are) or on Schedule K-1 (as partners in a partnership or owners of a corporation are). He said Schedule K-1. He is legally, and in every other way, an active owner and manager of Vantage Point.

  7. Dusty is a solid leader, a hard worker, and a thoughtful policymaker. He will be our best voice in DC. He’s got my vote.

  8. No one from Mitchell belongs anywhere near public office. It’s a kook factory. e.g. Half the nuts on this tree …..

    1. Mitchell is a very nice sized town with DWU, The George McGovern Center on campus, Mitchell Tech, Lake Mitchell which will eventually be cleaned up, great location to travel anywhere and good people. Rather live in Mitchell than some desert wasteland that is filled with drugs, crime and be always mad about a wasted life filled with poor choices and being a fugitive.

  9. By definition, any person who owns stock in a company is an owner.

    Personally, I’m the sole owner of my business and a passive very minority owner of Apple.

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