Dusty Johnson Campaign Raises $104,000 in First Few Weeks

Dusty Johnson Campaign Raises $104,000 in First Few Weeks

Congressional candidate and former Public Utilities Commissioner Dusty Johnson raised more than $104,000 in the fourth quarter of 2016, despite being in the race for only a few weeks.

“People are excited Dusty is running,” said campaign treasurer Greg McCurry. “We are just getting started, but the response to his race is incredible.”

Johnson received significant support from donors large and small. More than two-thirds of his donations were for less than $1000 and his most common contribution was for $100.

Johnson lives in Mitchell with his wife and three sons. He works as an executive for Vantage Point Solutions, a telecommunications engineering and consulting firm.


24 Replies to “Dusty Johnson Campaign Raises $104,000 in First Few Weeks”

  1. Anon

    Dusty is bright, capable and a damn fine candidate. I would be thrilled to have him represent South Dakota.

  2. Troy Jones

    I feel strongly it takes three distinct skills to be elected. If you are missing one, the odds of one being successful (elected and serving effectively) go way down. They are:

    1) Ability to raise money- A car without gas looks good in the garage but is of no other use. Money is gas for a campaign.

    2) Charismatic- A person who when interacting with people in all types of settings doesn’t command some level of gravitas and capacity to engage people in an intimate way has no “road” upon which to move through the campaign.

    3) An appealing message with depth of thought and passion which resonates with the interests of the body politic. This is the “car” of the campaign which ultimately attracts support.

    The “gas” and “road” is necessary to expose the voters to the “car.”

    Those have observed Dusty know he has charisma, is a good thinker and is passionate. Raising this much money proves he has all three attributes and is a candidate that will be viable and formidable.

    1. Anonymous

      I think that’s the point. It only took Dusty 6 weeks to do it. Over Christmas and Thanksgiving for a race nearly 2 years out. He did a good job.

    2. GOP

      Dusty didn’t have a DC money machine carrying him. This shows that when you carry water for the elephant (as Dusty has for decades), the elephant will carry water for you.

  3. Chplraj

    Never work in Donald Trump’s ,workd. Dusty is not even close to a statesman. Nope…..we need someone ekse

  4. Anonymous

    Went back and looked at Noem’s FEC report when she first announced.

    Dusty Johnson November 16 – January 1 2016: $104,000
    Kristi Noem February 16 – April 1 2010: $109,774

    Roughly the same amount of time in the race but I’m not sure anyone really knew who Kristi Noem was. I was surprised to see that she raised more than Dusty Johnson who has served as Chief of Staff to Governor Daugaard and is a former statewide official. It was the Holidays.

    Chris Nelson raised $56,000 in his first quarter I think he got in in October.
    Blake Curd raised $181,000 in his first quarter.