Dusty Johnson campaign sends out e-mail on Union County Straw Poll results

The Union County GOP Straw poll that we reported earlier this week hasn’t gotten past the notice of the candidates, as GOP Congressional hopeful Dusty Johnson sent out an e-mail blast this afternoon bringing it to people’s attention:

Johnson doesn’t seem to give it the same level of importance that Krebs did with her touting a newspaper poll in March that gave her a superior position, but does note that it suggests a groundswell of grassroots support… as he uses it to ask for money, as candidates are wont to do when there’s a benchmark showing one up over another.

There’s still a lot of campaign left to go, and I’m sure there will be many more newspaper and straw polls for candidates to base mailings on and to fire up the troops.

Stay tuned.

15 Replies to “Dusty Johnson campaign sends out e-mail on Union County Straw Poll results”

  1. Chad

    I’m not sure which is worse, the Union County GOP sending a press release only releasing percentages for a poll where only 30 people voted, including Dems and kids, or Dusty using it to further mislead voters. Shame on them both.

      1. Anonymous

        Pretty disingenuous to not include the number of votes cast in a straw poll. Lederman and Johnson should have included that but they knew it didn’t look worthy of sending out. You included the number in a previous post they should have also.

        Lederman really threw Krebs and Jackley under the bus as state party chair by sending this out. I don’t blame Johnson for sending out but I think it would make me question the legitimacy of any campaign pushing anything so trivial as legitimate in a way to mislead with half facts.

        Thank you congresswoman Noem for looking like a class act and Jackley and Krebs for putting up with a party chair who has lost a lot of legitimacy by releasing a survey with 30 votes – and not including the number only percentages.

          1. Anonymous

            This blogger had to update his own post with results after he posted the press release:

            Update –

            The Union County GOP edited the original post and added in the numbers voting in the post:

            SHANTEL KREBS 26%/8 votes
            DUSTY JOHNSON 74%/23 votes

            LORA HUBBEL 7%/2 votes
            MARTY JACKLEY 32%/10 votes
            TERRY LaFLEUR 0%/0 votes
            KRISTI NOEM 61%/19 votes


  2. Anon

    Breaking news: My Sully County coffee group poll has Krebs leading Johnson 90% to 10%. Shantel- you have permission to send a press release on it.

      1. jimmy james

        She did lead in most polls and “real” results show Clinton won the popular vote by nearly three million votes. She obviously lost the Electoral College.

        Now I see that a Morning Consult poll shows that about half of Republicans think Trump won the popular vote. Because…. he says so.

        Laughing. But it isn’t funny.

  3. Anonymous

    Dusty will hopefully win because he is the most genuine and experienced in the race. Shantel needs to stay as SOS for awhile and be more seasoned or at least until she can stop viciously attacking Jason Gant every chance she has.

    1. Anonymous

      As I understand it, Shantel can’t run for 2 offices at once according to the law, so unless she drops out she is going to be done being SOS no matter if she wins or loses the primary, plus I think it would be unfair to Steve Barnett for her to lose the primary and then come to the convention to try and keep her current job as SOS.

  4. Jon

    Lora got 2 votes?!? I guess both of her supporters just happened to take part in the poll? What county is Tara from?


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