Dusty Johnson Campaign video on federal regulation, and his High School Job

A new Dusty Johnson Campaign video talking about federal regulation and his High School Job was just posted today on facebook.

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  1. Emoluments Clause

    The reason why 15 year olds have to work sometimes like that, is because their parents are not making enough. Because their parents’ employers don’t pay enough and then these employers turn around and contribute to Republican congressional candidates like Dusty’s and Shantel;s, in order, to help keep, or hope to keep, everyones’ wages down.

    I might also add, that I find it ironic, that Dusty values overtime pay. Because often his political party is trying to change the rules on when and how employers are required to pay overtime to employees to the employers’ advantage…..

  2. Troy Jones

    My 14 year old grandson the day was telling me the other day something similar on how many restrictions there are on how many hours and the times he can work. I was shocked. I thought of my buddies who stocked shelves at the grocery in the early hours before school or after the store closed at 10. They actually had choices but the stockers had to agree whether at night or morning. This too would be illegal. I was exempt from regulation as my job was on my uncles farm.

    By the way, EC your blame it on their parents employer is balderdash. My buddies parents were all double income state employees making solid middle class wages.

    Kids who work like Dusty, my grandson, and my buddies do so because they are ambitious, want to have personal independence (not sucking off mummy’s tit) by their own income, and probably know if they weren’t working they’d be up to no good.

    1. Emoluments Clause

      That was a nice cherry picked response. I will say it again. Republicans constantly work to try to make it harder for workers to receive overtime pay, not overtime hours. And if you watch Dusty’s piece, he emphasizes the joy of overtime pay…… How ironic….


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