Dusty Johnson for Congress: The Next Elevator Speech

Dusty Johnson has a new web ad to roll out with his campaign kickoff today. And you can check it out here:

8 Replies to “Dusty Johnson for Congress: The Next Elevator Speech”

    1. Anonymous

      He scowls a lot.

      Loved the PUC ad from years ago. He was young and fun and made the PUC interesting. He also smiled more. And that made it fun.

      I Smiled when this started but it didnt work like the PUC ad. I don’t want goofy for Congress. I want someone DC will take seriously.

      I know he’s trying to be likable and light hearted but this act won’t get him very far in a world people take seriously. The cell phone part was hard to watch.

      1. Anonymous

        It was probably targeted towards his supporters from years ago. And in that sense it was probably impactful. I don’t think DC gets excited about this though.


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