Dusty Johnson Fundraisers this week in Brookings and Watertown..

Er.. yeah. I just did my taxes, and I’m a little tight for the next 18 to 24 months…

But, I’ll still make a point to shake the change out of the couch cushions and attend one of the fundraisers this week for GOP Congressional hopeful Dusty Johnson, which are being held in conjunction with the series of Lincoln Day Dinners in the area:


6 Replies to “Dusty Johnson Fundraisers this week in Brookings and Watertown..”

  1. Troy Jones

    This is how Dusty’s organization advantage will first show itself. But in May of next year, it will seem like an avalanche.

  2. Anonymous

    I notice Lee Shoenbeck’s name missing from the Watertown host list. Would have expected to see his name there.


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