Dusty Johnson hits mailboxes with oversized mailer.

From today’s mailbox, Dusty Johnson has an oversized flyer out to voters asking for their support:

(Where’s the Dusty logo?)

9 Replies to “Dusty Johnson hits mailboxes with oversized mailer.”

  1. Ike

    Too friendly. Needs more gun-loading and references to immigrants if he wants to scare Granny Schotzenheimer from Doland into voting for him.

  2. Truth is a Virus

    Dusty “I support common core” Johnson has bad vision. Had the vision to champion common core, helped the governor to raise taxes… Don’t worry, 30 years (most all of his life) of taxpayers paying his salary has taught him how to put special interest before the people.

  3. Anonymous

    Dusty is bought and paid for. I think the country is looking to get rid of crony capitalism, special interests, and back room deals.

  4. Anonymous

    What candidate is the most easily manipulated by money and corporatists? Dusty or Shantel? Tough call.


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