Dusty Johnson interview with Mercer from State Fair

In another story, reporter Bob Mercer interviewed Dusty Johnson as to his reasons for running for South Dakota’s lone Congressional seat:

Why he’s running: “This is a job interview, right? It’s fun,” Johnson said. He recalled growing up in a working-class family of seven from Pierre and Fort Pierre. “Even at a young age I figured out good jobs can make a difference for a family,” he said. “The reality is what most people want is the opportunity to earn a living.”

Johnson said “even the Republicans” in Congress don’t understand all the ways Washington, D.C., makes it harder to create jobs. “I’m not sure they understand what I’m talking about,” he said.


He said South Dakota needs someone who is ready when Congress is ready to accomplish something larger. “I’ve got the political courage that’s going to be required to make tough decisions,” he said.

Johnson said a mix of selflessness and selfishness is required. “A great majority of my motivation to be in public service is selflessness,” he said.

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