Dusty Johnson posting vignettes laying out his position on issues

Congressional Candidate Dusty Johnson has started posting vignettes, or video clips, out to facebook noting his position on several hot button issues.

The series is starting with Johnson noting his position on the Second Amendment and Social Security, as he makes his case to Republican primary voters:

5 Replies to “Dusty Johnson posting vignettes laying out his position on issues”

  1. GOP

    What is he thinking!? These races are supposed to be about tribalism and dog-whistle politics, not issues!

    I hope, for all our sake, that a guy like Dusty can still win.

  2. Emoluments Clause

    In other words, Dusty’s position on guns is to “get small.”

    On Social Security, the reason the average age of death was 64 when SS passed was because there were far more childhood deaths than there are today. If you take those deaths out of the mix – by people who thus never contributed to the SS trust fund to begin with – then you will find that the life expectancy of most in the 1930s was well beyond 64.


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