4 thoughts on “Dusty Johnson posts video regarding being part of the solution to make Law Enforcement better”

  1. The Nancy Pelosi policing bill is a mess and is tough on good cops.

    The Tim Scott bill Dusty is talking about strikes the right balance.

  2. It was my honor to converse with Congressman Johnson during his flight from Sioux Falls to DC. I note that he flies coach, with no special treatment — waiting in line, carrying his own bag, & wearing a mask like everyone else. Dusty is down-to-earth, patiently answering constituent questions on a mélange of topics. He addressed the current national crises w/ erudition and listened attentively and compassionately as kids described disappointment over cancelled baseball games & the heightened challenge of learning (whilst public pools are closed) how to swim. He’s a terrific representative; it’s no accident he recorded a 75% vote of approval in the primary. This November, I’ll vote to re-elect Dusty Johnson.

  3. Johnson AND Pelosi are not interested in getting to the root of the problem. Hiring more black cops will not end systemic racism within police departments. That kind of logic led some to believe electing a black president would end systemic racism. Instead, black wealth decreased dramatically under Obama.
    Obama, Johnson and Pelosi essentially have the same types of donors … wealthy, propertied, and very comfortable.Their donors make profit via our system.
    PS I will give Johnson credit for being honest. Pelosi and Obama not so much …

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