Dusty Johnson Raises Over $100,000 For Third Straight Quarter

Dusty Johnson Raises Over $100,000 For Third Straight Quarter
Dusty’s sustained fundraising unprecedented in South Dakota history

Mitchell, SD – Today, Dusty Johnson announced that his campaign raised over $120,000 in the second quarter of this year.  This is the third quarter in a row Johnson has raised more than $100,000.

“South Dakotans are hardworking, generous people,” said Johnson.  “I’m grateful for the fundraising support and even more so for the thousands of hours our volunteers have put in.  Our campaign has been all over the state – Vermillion, Belle Fourche, Sioux Falls, Fort Pierre and Highmore.  Fueled by the support of South Dakotans, we won’t slow down.”

Johnson raised $122,342 this quarter and has raised $354,707 to date.  He ended the quarter with $288,563 in cash on hand.

“Dusty’s fundraising has been extraordinary,” said Campaign Manager Erin Schoenbeck.   With a year to go, Dusty is already close to raising more money than any congressional challenger or open seat candidate in South Dakota history.”

Dusty Johnson grew up in a working-class family in Pierre-Fort Pierre. He served as Public Utilities Commissioner for six years. As Chief of Staff to the Governor, he helped lead the state out of a $127 million budget deficit, without raising taxes. Dusty currently works as Vice President at Vantage Point Solutions in Mitchell where he helps rural telecommunications companies provide better broadband to families and businesses.


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5 Replies to “Dusty Johnson Raises Over $100,000 For Third Straight Quarter”

  1. Anon

    In 2010 Kristi Noem didn’t even enter the race until March. She had one full reporting period in the primary, then she raised a ton of money against Herseth Sandlin. This is not a great comparison.

  2. Steve Sibson

    “As Chief of Staff to the Governor, he helped lead the state out of a $127 million budget deficit, without raising taxes.”

    There was no $127 million budget deficit. In addition, South Dakota was receiving $100 of millions of extra federal money from Obama’s stimulus programs. The transportation department was one of the big winners. Sadly that influx of new money did not prevent the SDGOP Establishment, in partnership with tax and spend Democrats, from passing the enormous road tax bill that ultra-liberal Mike Vehle is being honored for.

    Now we know why Dusty is getting so much campaign money…he is one of the good old boys from the tax and spend liberal cronies. It is sad that people actually believe he is a conservative.

  3. Anonymous

    Didn’t Curd raise more than anyone in that race in 2010? He didn’t do that 3 times in a row?

    What about Janklow in 2002? Thune in ’96?

    Is there some insight into what Schoenbeck is saying or how she assumes this?