12 thoughts on “Dusty Johnson standing up for Mt. Rushmore on Fox News today!”

    1. What a small, small person you are. Didn’t you know it was the Democrat party that fought to keep segregation and founded the KKK? Can’t you come up with something original, Trump-hater?

        1. Or voting for Trump and other Republicans. Steve King was not a Democrat. That white supremacist who ran over and killed a peaceful protester in Charlotte was a Trump supporter. That Karen who proclaimed she would teach hate to her children and grandchildren was dressed in maga gear. Those “very fine people” didn’t vote for Hillary. It’s amazing what has changed in 70 years but Republicans are still trying to hold onto the past while the present is a much different picture.

  1. Is Kristi cool with Russian bounties on American heads as well? Because in my view, anyone who still supports the impeached P grabber has soldier blood on their hands. Simple as that.

    1. More left-wing, unsupported talking points. I support the President, but I don’t have soldiers’ blood on my hands, simple as that.

      Did you say anything about Obummer abandoning the embassy in Libya? Probably not.

      1. Talking points? WTF? 10(!) Benghazi investigations, and NOT ONE found any wrongdoing by President Obama or Secretary Clinton. Meanwhile, there have not yet been ANY investigations into Russia paying bounties to the Taliban for killing American soldiers…. yet. Either President Trump ignored the warnings or doesn’t remember the warnings. Neither is acceptable. Boycott Rushmore/Trump/Noem photo-op.

  2. Why is Dusty mugging for cheap political points with this crap? He doesn’t have an opponent this cycle. It’s telling that both he and Kristi have made zero attempt to dialogue with, much less listen to Oceti Sakowin on this issue.

    1. He’s doing this because it will please Dear Leader and get Dusty a chance for an attaboy from him. So, any bets on whether the Governor and Dusty will be wearing masks as they stand up there?

  3. I might be able to get behind this feel-good bill if it were expanded to protect other national monuments like Bears Den or Grand Staircase-Escalante that Dear Leader has already attacked. The facts are: Mt. Rushmore is already protected from vandalism and criminal acts; any enactment of legislation such as this just further divides us because it’s only a dog whistle to his base; this bill taken to the extreme makes it illegal to fill or repair a structural crack in the carving; and there is virtually no chance of a Congress or real president proposing use of federal money to “remove” any of the 4 faces up there because of their importance to the United States. No One says those 4 men were perfect, rather these progressives all had a part in creating this country or making it better.

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