Dusty Johnson touts achieving Republican “Young Gun – on the radar” recognition with the NRCC

From my mailbox:

According to the National Republican Congressional Committee, “Young Gun is the highest level of the Young Guns program.  These candidates have met a series of rigorous goals and surpassed program benchmarks to establish a clear path to victory.  Young Gun candidates represent the most competitive congressional seats in the 2018 election cycle.”

Their profile on Dusty notes:

Dusty Johnson believes that America’s best days are ahead of us. Responsive, conservative, open, limited, and constitutional government can help unlock strength and economic opportunities for South Dakota and for America.

Dusty has the values, experience, and energy to be an effective voice for our state (see below). He and his wife Jacquelyn live in Mitchell with their three sons (Max, Ben, and Owen).

Private Sector Experience

  • Vice President of Mitchell-based Vantage Point Solutions, working with hundreds of rural telecommunication providers across 40 states
  • In that role, overseeing substantial increases in new clients and revenue

Service to Our State

  • As Public Utilities Commissioner worked with colleagues to create a reasonable regulatory environment attracting investment into cell towers, broadband, pipelines, power plants, and transmission lines
  • As Gubernatorial Chief of Staff provided leadership on successful efforts to eliminate $127 million budget deficit and thousands of regulations

Electoral Success

  • Defeated an 18-year incumbent to win PUC seat (2004)
  • Won re-election with 73% of the vote (2010)

Service to Others

  • Sunday School Teacher (First Lutheran Church)
  • Member, South Dakota Right to Life
  • Chairman of the Board, Abbott House (home for abused and neglected girls)

Party Involvement

  • State Advisor to the South Dakota Teen Age Republicans (2004-present)
  • Precinct Committeeman (2004-present)
  • Chairman, State Republican Platform Committee (2016)

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12 Replies to “Dusty Johnson touts achieving Republican “Young Gun – on the radar” recognition with the NRCC”

  1. Kelly Lieberg

    “House Speaker Paul Ryan and the seven other elected leaders of the Republican Conference of the House of Representatives serve as ex-officio members of the NRCC’s executive committee”.

    Sounds “Flake”y.

  2. Michael Wyland

    The GOP is one of the few organizations in which a 41-year old man can be considered a “young gun.” Speaking as a former executive committee member of the national Young Republicans, where one “ages out” after age 40.

      1. Anonymous

        Curd and Noem were both on this list in 2010.

        Impressive that two candidates from SD are again on the same list especially when there are 31 total.

  3. Anonymous

    It is refreshing for South Dakota to have such good young talent. The GOP has a strong bench of capable future leaders.

    Contrast that with the Democrat party and they barely can get anyone to run. All of the Constitutional offices are up in 2018 and the Democrats don’t have one person running. You would then some county auditor or local commissioner would announce but nope, not a single one.


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