Dusty Johnson’s 2018 2nd Quarter FEC Report: 122k raised, 36k Spent, 289k Cash on hand.

Congressional candidate Dusty Johnson’s campaign seems to be chugging along with his latest FEC report, noting that the candidate raised $122,213 over the past three months, spending $36,176, and maintaining $288,563 cash on hand, as his strong ground forces have been appearing at nearly every parade and event across the state in recent weeks.

Dusty Johnson 2018 2q FEC by Pat Powers on Scribd

Dusty has managed large donations from people such as Dana Dykhouse, State Representative Arch Beal, former State Senator Eric Bogue, Ethanol mogul Jeff Broin, Paul Christen from Huron, former Governor Frank Farrar, former Lt. Governor under Bill Janklow, Lowell Hanson, Former State Senator Jeff Haverly, Ev Hoyt, retired Board of Regents Member Harvey Jewett, Kelby Krabbenhoft, Al Kurtenbach, State Rep David Lust, former first Lady Pat Miller, State Rep & former Brookings Mayor Tim Reed, Former State Rep Fred Deutsch, State Senator Jeff Partridge, and a pile of other names you might recognize.

How does that stack up against his opponent? I’ll let you know as soon as the Krebs campaign files their report.

Stay tuned.

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