Eagle Butte Sutton event has GOP Senate Leader as a host

From this last weeks’ West River Eagle, an ad was in the paper for the Sutton for Governor campaign that included GOP Senate Assistant Majority Leader Ryan Maher as being a host for the event..

That might cause some awkwardness in the halls of the Capitol this next January after Governor Kristi Noem is sworn in.

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  1. I wonder if this constitutes an endorsement by Maher. Usually you would think it would. But he and Sutton have been roommates during session for years – he might help house an event even if he isn’t endorsing him.

    1. If I’m the incoming Republican Governor, I would veto every single damn bill brought by Maher. He’s an embarrassment to the Republican Party.

  2. Curious how this will go over in the Caucus. Maybe Maher was one of the 2 GOP Senators supporting Sutton that were mentioned in that story a few weeks ago..

    1. Looks like Mr. Maher might have to be the first to get kicked out of caucus and the session hasn’t even started yet.

  3. I’ve always wondered how much effort goes into repairing relationships with legislators after a brutal primary.

    This is the first time since 1994 that a victor was the aggressor in a primary for Governor. Interesting situation. Hopefully it heals up before session.

    1. I’ve heard that Jackleys people were already helping with the Noem campaign to get her elected. There was some mud flung on both sides, nothing to hold a grudge over. At the end of the day we all know Jackley and Noem are both better picks than Sutton.

      1. putting someone on TV who says he had no business being AG or governor. That was harsh. Glad they are getting along and Marty could put that behind him for the party. Hes a person of high character to do that. Especially with his kids and wife seeing ads saying he retaliates against victims of sexual harassment. Hes sure a good dude to put it in the past.

        1. There was plenty of mud-slinging from both sides in my opinion and from what I saw. I don’t know who flung first but from my viewing standpoint the first negative ad I saw was put out by Jackley. And now we are down to one so a true Republican will always back the Republican.

  4. If they’re friends, this isn’t a big deal.

    If more republicans come out publically for Billie, then it might be the sign of a problem.

    1. What should I be seeing that would indicate this? Is it anecdotal or are there specific Republican groups or individuals who speak for large blocks who voice their support?

      I for one wouldn’t vote for Sutton if he wishes to label himself a Democrat. You can claim all day long that you don’t support Democrat ideals (abortion, no genders, medicare for all (for $32 trillion), open borders, etc, etc), but you are aligning with a party that holds those “ideals” near and dear.

      1. Is Maher supporting Sutton because he and Stace don’t think Noem is conservative enough or because Maher is really a Democrat?

        This is so confusing.

    1. Michael, I’m a Republican that received one of the polling calls. I’m a Republican through and through and would never vote for Billie. Yet, many of the questions were asked in such a way that the answer had to be Billie. It was a very slanted, pretty non-meaningful poll as far as I was concerned.

      1. Could well be. I know that the pollsters are Democrats and that the poll would show Billie in the most favorable light possible. Still doesn’t change the fact that it’s the only publicly acknowledged poll so far. Even Noem’s own campaign didn’t question its legitimacy – it just laughed at celebrating a poll showing your candidate behind. That’s a weak retort. Get that GOP poll out ASAP.

        1. i recall these same polls had heidepriem within striking distance of daugaard, even trending up in the closing days, yet not reflective at all of the final outcome.

    2. I heard at the chamber mixer tonight several non political people were saying sutton was closing in. They seemed to like him. Interesting how fast this poll got around.

      1. Check out Woster’s column/blog on SDPB. His comments are the same as mine, and some prominent GOP folks are vouching for the polling firm and the plausibility of the poll results: http://www.sdpb.org/blogs/kevinwoster/during-a-summer-of-discontent-for-jackley-voters-sutton-poll-offers-hope-for-underdog-democrat/

        From the piece:

        “We should always be at least a little skeptical of polling numbers done for and released by a campaign. And I was with plenty skeptical of Sutton’s. Still they were intriguing, and not wildly out of line. Plus, [Noem campaign manager] Brasell’s response made me think Sutton’s polling was probably not much different from what the Noem campaign was getting.

        Otherwise, he would have said so.”

  5. All of a sudden the poll showing the race to be a statistical tie doesn’t look so far fetched.

    1. Who paid for this polling? Check out ALG Research’s website. Their clients include President Obama and Emily’s List. What did you think they would say in this poll?

      1. It’s a fake dem poll just like the fake noem poll from earlier in the primary before the Argus poll.

  6. Can’t wait to see Governor Billie Sutton come to Aberdeen next year and kick off the Dakota Stampede Rodeo while attending the Brown County Fair. Good times for all!

  7. I guess Senator Maher signed the Cowboy Caucus pledge instead of the one he sent out?

  8. What should I be seeing that would indicate this? Is it anecdotal or are there specific Republican groups or individuals who speak for large blocks who voice their support?

    I for one wouldn’t vote for Sutton if he wishes to label himself a Democrat. You can claim all day long that you don’t support Democrat ideals (abortion, no genders, medicare for all (for $32 trillion), open borders, etc, etc), but you are aligning with a party that holds those “ideals” near and dear.

    1. Open Borders? Not a Democrat myself but never read anywhere that the Democratic Party ever stated it was for open borders. You might want to brush up and at least be accurate in you claims unless your posting from a St. Petersburg Troll Farm in Russia just putting out false claims Comrade.

      1. All you have to do is listen to the Dems and see their actions to know that they are for open borders. Example is California with their sanctuary cities and allowing illegal immigrants to vote!

          1. The head of your party, Perez, states “the future of our party” is Ocasio-Cortez. Cortez calls on resistance groups to “occupy every airport. We need to occupy every border.” She is calling for open borders and rights for illegal aliens. Cortez campaigns with many other Democratic reps.

            The “Abolish Ice” movement wants to end border security. If I had a chalk board, I could draw a picture for you of illegal aliens freely walking across the border from Mexico into America… open borders.

            1. And what state and metropolitan area does Ocasio-Cortez reside in? This thread is about South Dakota’s next being Governor Billie Sutton. Two very different areas of the country, two very different people and where they grew up in. Billie Sutton as a state legislator represented a solid red district and was re-elected several times. World of difference from what you mentioned. You swung missed and struck out. Next batter up.

              1. Black Lives Matter issued the following statement: “we’re for ICE abolition, open borders, dismantling the prison industrial complex, and ending the settler colonial system.”

                You’re saying Billie Sutton rejects the core principles of Black Lives Matter. I suspect you’re right. That’s my assumption, too. He’s certainly *hinted* that he disagrees. But has Sutton explicitly repudiated their positions? If he did, I missed it. So far, I’ve heard just mealy-mouthed evasions and half-hearted dodges. Sutton has tried to please everyone. Consequently, most dems don’t know he’s pro life. Even in Sioux Falls, few know he picked a Republican — commander of the team that trounced Jolene — as his Lt. Gov.

                Billie seems to me a good man, possessed of a good heart. I wish he’d be forthright about his convictions. Sophistry diminishes him. Shall we abolish ICE? Shall we have open borders? Or shall we enforce the law and restrict illegal immigration? Does life begin at conception? Shall we protect the unborn? Should tax-payer money fund Planned Parenthood? Maybe we’ll learn more about Sutton’s views from the Dems do-over convention.

                1. The leader of their party makes statements, they think it doesn’t apply to them. You can keep trying, I appreciate your thoughts, but they don’t get it. The facts hurt their feelings too much.

  9. Time for republican leadership to ban Mr. Maher from the party along with any other elected republican supporting Mr. Sutton. Sutton is about as slimey as a democrat comes. He has said many times that he wouldn’t be opposed to a state income tax, when he is cornered he changes like a chameleon. He personally supported Hillary Clinton and promoted her, she does not represent any of what South Dakota stands for. Hillary Sutton would be a bad choice for our state.

    1. I’d be more worried about Russian agents, money and becoming the party of Trump/Putin 2020 right now than banning a South Dakotan who is placing what he feels is best for the people of South Dakota over party.

      Party over State or Country? Make the right choice.

      1. What he feels is best for SD is Hillary. His words, not mine! He says he is different and then has a DC lobbyist speak at his campaign announcement. He says he is different and then takes 100K from Tim Johnson for SD. Where do you think that money came from. If you think he will not be beholden to the lefties that donated to him, you are crazy. He says he is pro life and then his wife states that she is not sure where the campaign “has planned” for the topic? He is a politician, just like all other politicians. They said the same thing about Obama and look where that got us?

      2. I he you realize that the true collaborators with Putin etc Al were Hillary and the Dems. Trump is the president, get over it, and he has been doing a good job. A lot of us didn’t like that Obama won but we didn’t stoop to the name calling and hate mongering that we see from the Dems. Sutton might think he is doing what he feels is right for SD, but he aligns as a Dem which means he aligns with those policies, and I don’t think most SD voters agree.

        1. 2 Hours alone against the advice of even Treasonous Trump’s own intelligence advisors along with United States of America Military intelligence advisors meeting with a former KGB officer? Russian agent that duped not only SDGOP officials but a gullible not ready for prime time congressional candidate at TARS? Plenty more to go on about how Treasonous Trump has undermined our strategic alliances and what the Russians have done. What did our only Congressional representative Noem do? Further enable.

          2018 will be the beginning and 2020 will see major change. We are well past what it took for Watergate to happen and then the Republican in Congress had the courage to act in the best interest for the nation.

          1. So, anonymous at 6:12 pm, because Trump spent two hours alone with Putin we should have a state income tax and spend $12,000,000 of taxpayer money on political campaigns, and throw money away on and everything else the Democrats want to do to us.
            That makes lots of sense. Because you believe the POTUS is guilty of treason you have decided the solution is to raise everybody’s taxes and spend more money.
            Democrats always think the solution to every problem is more government spending but treason? Really?

          2. Obummer promised Medvedev he could be more flexible and sent $150 billion to the terrorist regime in Iran, and Hillary paid for a Russian fairytale to try to beat Trump. President Trump is trying to do his job to clean up the disaster left behind by Obummer and Hillary. Obama hates America and Trump loves America. Who is the treasonous one?

      3. lol sorry, i go into huge laughing fits every time i run into a democrat calling republicans out for being pinkos. lol omg

        1. Nobody’s calling them “pinkos”. They are calling them traitors. Asking for, and receiving, help from a hostile foreign government in an election should piss off every American regardless of party. Failing to combat ongoing interference even moreso. Anyone who doesn’t think America should get to the bottom of the “Russia thing” isn’t a patriot.

          I don’t know if Trump himself has anything to do with it or not, but he certainly surrounded himself with a bunch of people who did – and as Chief Executive, that’s on him – you’d think a giant businessman like him would get it, and encourage the investigation to root out traitors within his own government.

          1. The investigation has rooted out traitors, but the problem is that they point to Hillary and the Dems, which was not supposed to happen. And no one seems very concerned with following that path. The investigation was simply supposed to get Trump and get him out of office.

              1. this is all like asserting that all obama voters were muslims or anti-colonialist marxists, guilt-by-association ranks only just slightly below inductive reasoning on the top ten list of logic fails.

                  1. i am aware of this ancient document. it’s an inferential review of russia’s disruption tactics as detected and analyzed by u-s intelligence agents. i am aware of the finding and the mountain of evidence that russia took actions to specifically undermine hillary clinton and that russia can’t be considered to have ever acted in america’s best interests. this in no way validates mrs clinton’s horrible public record, or the vast left wing swamp she and cohorts work constantly to hide, and in no way INVALIDATES trump as a potus, holding the office legitimately and working in the best interest of the office, its traditions, and whatever role it can play in restoring the traditional separation of powers and traditional healthy function of all three branches. trump’s mercurial arc across the sky makes me happy, and when the insanity he brings out in democrats is in full bloom i feel like there is a just and mighty supreme being restoring a people to health. i laugh again. especially when trump-haters think the tactic of loudly calling us traitors will help this november.

          2. Trump could have ended this 2 year long witch hunt anytime but he hasn’t. He doesn’t want you libs losing your sh*t anymore than you already have. As far as the Russian involvement with our election, It happened under Obama’s watch, so to me it should be put on him. If there was any meddling from the Russians it was in favor of Clinton. After the uranium one scandal, the Russian dossier, and spy-gate, who do you think colluded with Russia? Not to mention that Hillary’s lawyers are the ones that paid the Russians for the dossier. Then you have the DNC rigging the primary, you have the Strzok-Page incident, and a crooked former DNC chair in Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The Democratic Party has some major problems and its followers are dillusional and border line schizophrenic.

            1. If there was any meddling from the Russians it was in favor of Clinton.

              That’s decidedly NOT what our intelligence services believe:
              We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election. Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the US democratic process,
              denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump.

              A Narcissist’s Trump’s Prayer

              That didn’t happen.

              And if it did, it wasn’t that bad.

              And if it was, that’s not a big deal.

              And if it is, that’s not my fault.
              ^we are here, apparently

              And if it was, I didn’t mean it.

              And if I did…

              You deserved it.

    2. I’m waiting for the right wingers like Stace and May to back sutton. That will send some ripples. I doubt it happens.

  10. Michael,

    I wholly disagree. I wouldn’t give the poll any credence by any more response. If you think at this stage Sutton has 42% (not enough name ID) and there are only 13% undecided, . . . don’t know what to say that isn’t too insulting. There are Governors running against sitting US Senators and the “don’t know” is more than 13%. Plus, if Noem is really at 46% (which I’m suspicious of as I don’t think all the Jackley supporters wounds are healed), this race is over. This push poll is so blatantly phony it deserves to be wholly disregarded.

    My guess its main purpose was to induce donations by “showing” viability. However, the lie is so obvious it probably had the opposite effect.

    1. P.S. My guess is a legitimate demographically weighted poll would show the race 40%-20% with the rest undecided/don’t know.

    2. I’m just not sure how many Jackley supporters really care that she savaged him. Had Noem lost I’m not sure they would have cared enough to oppose Jackley. I think voters move on pretty fast.

  11. People said Rs were going to flock to Abbott too. Short memories. If BS comes within 20, it’ll be a surprise to me.

    1. That’s different because Rounds shot the gap and was Mr. Nice guy. Had Abbott faced Kirby or Barnett you might have seen that.

  12. How do Democrats feel about throwing their support behind someone who seems to be a closet Republican? I predict they’ll stay home come November.

  13. I assume the GOP will stand up and kick him out of leadership at the very least. If not…they have some serious explaining to do.

  14. “The Sioux Falls Camber has the pulse of the electorate” said nobody ever.

    These are the numbers that have to change.

    46%-30%: GOP voter registration
    65%: Dauguard Approval Rating
    60%: Trump Approval Rating in SD.

    And Noem makes a big blunder.

    If only one of the two happen, she wins by 5%. If neither happen she wins by at least 20%. If she runs a strong campaign like in the past, she wins by30%.

    Heidepriem got 38% and Wilmer got 25%. I predict Sutton will split the difference and get 32%.

    1. I think Sutton will be in the high 30’s to low 40’s. She has never been Daugaard or Thune popular.

    2. Many years ago, at lunch with a former SD GOP party chair, he explained it this way: “In Rapid City, they can’t find a candidate conservative enough to suit them. Sioux Falls is like Bosnia. There are many factions of Republicans that won’t talk to each other.” Being a Sioux Falls resident and a former GOP candidate and volunteer leader, I can tell you that there is a lot of ticket-splitting that goes on in Minnehaha County. Many good Republicans vote for candidates like Tim Johnson and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin when given the opportunity and when the GOP candidate fails to make their case for support.

    3. i like your assessment mr. jones. i would agree in noem’s case that this race is hers to lose, and she’s not in the habit of losing in that fashion. i picked her to win the primary from day one and she did not disappoint. i just hope she lets her kids do all the driving, no more speeding tickets please. ever.

  15. Quote from Kristi Noem on Politico.com this morning: Expect some Republicans to whisper that another factor was at play: sexism. POLITICO has interviewed multiple Republicans from Tennessee who say there’s still a small faction of Republican men who simply won’t put a woman in the governor’s mansion. Rep. Kristi Noem, who’s running to be South Dakota governor, told me a few weeks ago that she is facing the very same issue back home. “For some reason, they were willing to vote to send a woman to Congress for years, but to put a woman in the governor’s office, it’s very different,” she said. Who knows how authentic these claims are. But at a time when Democratic women are roaring their way to political victories, it’s sure curious that GOP women are struggling. See: https://www.politico.com/newsletters/huddle/2018/08/03/politico-huddle-black-goes-down-russia-meddling-20-a-food-fight-coming-near-you-mystery-pac-dogs-mcsally-294334

    1. It’s very true. There was a large contingent of old guard Republican men who weren’t ready to support a women for Governor.

  16. I imagine there will be a call to remove Senator Maher from the Republican caucus and exclude him from voting on caucus leadership.

  17. Pat Powers and the SD Republican Party is a joke. This blog is riddled with nonsense. Be an adult and be supportive of good politics you troll!

    1. Ha! You mean a joke like how the SD Democratic party has to have a do-over because they botched their candidate certificates or how their Dem placeholders keep dropping out?

      Be an adult with a hint of some knowledge and tell us why PP and the SDRP is a joke. Better yet, fill us in on what the Democratic party represents, there’s a lot of internal confusion. We could wait for Sutton to clear it up, but my guess is he’s dealing with the Dem candidates who are pushing income tax and abortion… issues he does not support.

    2. You forgot that we’re doo-doo heads.

      Are parents really giving 5th grade kids phones now? That always seemed a little young to me.

      1. Fifth graders don’t use “doo-doo heads”. This is the 21st Century, not 1974.

  18. More from Politico on South Dakota state politics: “Democrats for Life is putting its remaining hope in Billie Sutton, who is running for governor of South Dakota but is considered a long shot. There are a handful of other anti-abortion Democrats facing even tougher roads, including Tim Bjorkman, who is running for an open congressional seat in South Dakota. Robert says other anti-abortion Democrats aren’t willing to air their views unless specifically asked, and that Democrats for Life won’t out them: ‘They’re not advertising their position—and nobody is asking them. They ask us to not publicize it, and we don’t.'” See: ‘If You’re a Pro-life Democrat … You Know You’re Standing Alone’ https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/08/03/democrats-abortion-pro-choice-life-219154

  19. Sutton’s ability to work across party lines has him edging a lead for my vote. Wish more politicians would be like him. Tired of partisan politics.

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