Eeeek! I’m being boycotted by Female Florida Democrats!

From my comment section comes more lunacy brought to you from the people who send out press releases for Corinna Robinson.

Apparently, I had the temerity to ask about the association of Kathy Scott & Leslie Wimes to the Corinna Robinson campaign, since Kathy Scott sent out the press release noting “To volunteer or speak to media relations, contact Leslie Wimes..”    Yes, I asked the troubling & emotionally crippling question about their actual association with the Corinna Robinson campaign that Kathy was sending out press releases for.

Dang me. Just Dang me.  Because my audacious question was met with a fiery response:

Kathy -May 15, 2014 at 12:59 pm
I’m not sure when you jumped into bed with Cory H., but it’s getting tongues wagging around South Dakota that the TWO of you are trying to bring her campaign down. I know you need page views so stories like this help. Thanks for the links. My blog is more highly rated than yours so I won’t return the favor. I think Cory’s alliance with you is odd and I do think the voters of South Dakota deserve a viable alternative to Noem. So since it seems that this blog is trying to kill her chances, we’re going to call for a boycott of voting for your advertisers. I guess the primary is around the corner and I know you need women. We’d call for one on Cory’s but he doesn’t have any advertisers. Calling women “crazy” is an old tactic used to keep us in line. Once we go after your pocketbook we’ll see how crazy we are.


Read that here.

So, because I dare to ask questions, they’re putting my advertisers on notice. Really, one of them got a notice, which they passed on.

1000crazywomenAside from it being a completely false statement, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.  As I noted to Ms. Scott; As a Florida based blog, they’re going to call for a boycott of my South Dakota political advertisers by Florida voters, who can’t vote for any of the South Dakota candidates anyway.

Not to mention the fact that their readers are Florida Democrats who are even less likely to vote for South Dakota Republicans.

Somehow, I think I’ll soldier on.

But I’m still wondering why they thought they could send out a press release for Corinna Robinson, and what their association with her is.

(Update – I just heard she’s trying to call advertisers.  Over her and her friend’s reluctance to explain how they are connected to the Corinna Robinson campaign.  This is too funny. )

20 Replies to “Eeeek! I’m being boycotted by Female Florida Democrats!”

  1. Veldy

    How many SD women do you think base their voting decisions on what websites a candidate advertises on?

  2. Anonymous

    What a loose cannon. Something must of happened in the past to put such a big chip on her shoulder. She is threatening everyone! They seem more suited to working with the Bosworth campaign. Kathy Scott stated she is not a Democrat anyways.

  3. Anonymous

    Pat, is this the same Kathy that was on Woster’s blog a few weeks ago trying to spin some bits of lunacy into a story about her getting fired from her last job in Georgia being part of a SD Republican Party conspiracy? Hmmm. If true about the job loss, maybe it happened because this was the level of seriousness and professionalism Kathy brought to that job? (ie, issuing inaccuracy-filled press releases and then trying to claim they weren’t meant for publication or that she wasn’t responsible for or associated with them).

      1. Anon

        Is she implying that the Corn Growers forced her to lose her job and therefore the SD GOP/Noem are to blame? Anyone from SD knows that the Corn Growers are not some partisan front group. They have staff from both sides of the aisle and are definitely not beholden to either party.

    1. Anonymous

      Gosh, if the SDGOP had that kind of reach and influence, we’d totally waste it on someone we’ve never heard of in Georgia…

  4. Anon

    Wait, they do know that the candidate that Corinna is running against is a women, right? You’re “anti-women” because you don’t support the same women that they do?

    1. sdsen_2014 Post author

      Actually, I think I’m ‘anti-women’ because I asked them how they were connected with the Robinson campaign. And they keep evading any answer.

  5. duggersd

    “they’re going to call for a boycott of my South Dakota political advertisers by Florida voters, who can’t vote for any of the South Dakota candidates anyway.” But they are Democrats so that does not mean they won’t try to vote in a SD election.

  6. Kathy Scott


    I don’t work for Corinna. I am not a Florida blogger. I am one of the top 50 most influential twitter feeds for women with a substantial South Dakota following, but they’re women so who cares, right.

    This entire post has no political significance other than to degrade my friend and laugh at how crazy women are. I’m impressed that you keep looking for me. And, I a Republican.


    1. Marcus Ray

      You wrap everything into one entire group. Calling you crazy doesn’t mean all women are crazy. By the way, no way you are a republican, RINO maybe and probably progressive.

    2. sdsen_2014 Post author

      If you are Republican, then why are you tweeting about being attacked by Republicans?

      As I’d said under an earlier post, I think you’ve worn out your welcome, and as my wife has noted from time to time, it’s silly to feed the bears, so you can go away now.

  7. Anonymous

    Good Grief! It looks like the 1000 Girlfriends is in reality about down to 100 if even that and dropping. Kathy Scott is attacking anyone that does not agree with her with her website and tweets and if she keeps this up will boycott the world! It’s just a basic inability or desire to get along with others.

    Maybe her attacks and tweets are just a way for her to increase traffic to her site. Kathy Scott = Toxic Volunteer