Election thought: Humility, Justice, and Shaking Hands.

Message to the winners: Unless you gain the support of those who opposed you last night, your victory will be short-lived.

A Moral Story to Contemplate

Right before the end of WWII when the outcome was known by both sides, a submarine battle took place in a remote area of the Pacific where both subs were destroyed but miraculously a German and American both survived on an island divided by a deep un-crossable chasm. One on each side.

At first, the two soldiers threw stones and spears at each other. Then they threw verbal jabs. But, overtime they learned both were of the same religion, both married, had kids, and just wanted a better life for themselves and their neighbors.

As they contemplated their situation they were likely never to be found, they came to realize they must work together to built a raft together and row together to the nearest habited island. So, they did so.

As they were rowing, the American said to the German, ?Do you know what is really humbling is when you discover you really, really are in need.?

The German asked, ?When did you discover that?? The American said, ?It was when I discovered I needed you, my former enemy.?

Message to those who lost: Charity begins at home, and justice begins next door. (Charles Dickens)

At its core, Justice (capital J) is giving to another his due. If you would have desired and expected your opponent and their supporters to support you in the general election, to deny them what you would have expected from them is unjust.

Final Comment: The tradition of shaking hands goes back to ancient times. The Egyptian hieroglyphic of an extended hand means “to give” and then the acceptance of the extended hand means “to accept.”

With humility, in pursuit of Justice, I offer my hand to fellow Republicans to unite toward November so we can do the people’s business.

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  1. Bree S.

    That’s right winners. With the added weight of being an incumbent, your victory will be short-lived… or at least two years.

  2. Bill Fleming

    Aw, man… for a minute there I thought Troy was maybe going to offer to shake hands with a few Democrats. ;^)

    Bill, right now we are still on opposite sides of the chasm throwing rocks at each other. Talk to me in November. My man Romney will need a couple of Dem. Senators to come over to abolish Obamacare and pass good health care legislation, cut spending, and get the economy moving for the benefit of the unemployed. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    I respect your opinion Troy, but I have noticed, over my short life, that the cutting of spending only seems to be a big deal when a Democrat is president. President Reagan exploded the deficit. We need massive infrastructure spending to goose the construction sector of the economy, and save us from the coming Euro collapse. We still have some of the best borrowing power in the world. Lets fight this war, and pay for it when it is won.

  4. duggersd

    Does this include Gene Abdallah who said he would not support his opponent? Abadallah claims he lost due to dirty tricks, but the way he got trounced suggests it was something more. Are you going to ask Gene to spit out the sour grapes?

    There are no exceptions.

    1. KATZY

      I observed Abdullah twice during sessions in Pierre, and his attitude was arrogant and more. He walked out on committee hearings to smoke or just gab in the back of the room, and he walked out on votes on the floor. He was elected to listen and to vote, and he didn’t care about either. Maybe this attitude caught up with him.

  5. Anon

    Nicely said, however this blog has been anything but the above expressed sentiments as of late. PP was never as bitter and sinister as Bill Clay has become, and the blog has never been as good as it was. I’ve never minded too much the idea of Bill Clay being anonymous, but with all the bitter attacks thrown from behind the smoke screen as of late it leaves me with only one thought: Bill Clay; grow some balls.

  6. Anonymous

    Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality.
    W G Bennis

    Politicians may win the race but the people will loose.
    What will happen for the next few years. I bet the people will continue to loose. It is not really related to the D or R people it is a function of secrecy and power…….

  7. Les

    Under the justice portion of the this post, are the “in kind” contributions still floating around without identity and record at the SOS’s office or would that be a nasty rumor?

    1. Bree S.

      The pre-primary report only contains expenditures made on or before May 21st. So it’s probably a nasty rumor.

  8. Rank and File

    I suspect this blog is named “War College” for a reason. Politics is a war, and we must learn that governing in these times must be no less than negotiating the terms of the surrender of our opponents. The Dems have known and practiced this philosophy for years. All things considered, let me say that I am much more comfortable fighting these GOP battles alongside those with the real fire in their bellies.

    Fight on, TP Patriots.

    1. [Insert Name Here]

      Comments like this are the reason that I will never shake hands with the Tea Party. They are entrenched, violent, reactionary rednecks who feed on conspiracy theories and outright misrepresentations. There is a fundamental difference between conservatives and stupid conservatives. Frankly, as a conservative Republican, I am constantly mortified that I get lumped in with these Tea Party crackpots. Their brand of libertarianism rings eerily similar to the cries of the Southern states just before the Civil War. Last night, I saw the beginning of dark age for South Dakota politics. The next two years (at the very least) are going to be terrifying times.

      1. Rank and File

        Please. We probably have shaken hands, and yours was likely the limp wristed variety. My comment speaks of a non-violent war of ideas, and my neck is as pale as they come. Talk about reactionary… nobody is advocating slavery here. Your comment only illustrates the undeniable lack of guts present in the anatomy of every RINO of which I was speaking. Apparently, the current status quo is less terrifying to you than actual conservative ideology.

        1. [Insert Name Here]

          Limp-wristed? Gutless? RINO? Three insults in one comment – very typical. I need not bother responding to such ad hominem arguments. There is a seething rage at the heart of the Tea Party movement, one that comes across as mental instability rather than any logical consistency. The one quality most badly needed in the Tea Party is humility, a virtue you clearly hold in contempt. If you intend to argue that humility is no virtue, go read the Beatitudes. The central Figure of Christianity was also the most humble Person ever to walk the Earth. While the Tea Party carries the Banner of Christ and proclaims Him as its hero, they show nary an ounce of His Spirit. Lashing out and calling someone a “limp-wristed coward” is hardly charitable or humble. Thank you, though, for proving all of my points.

          1. Bree S.

            Indeed. How dare that violent, stupid redneck insult a morally superior personage, who obviously has God on her side.

          2. Bree S.

            Did I forget “crackpot?” Only a liberal passing herself off as a conservative could be so hypocritical. And what a weak argument. Only an elitist in love with her own intellect could think that would pass muster.

          3. Rank and File

            If the vice of the Tea Party is pride, it could only be the pride we feel in fighting to defend the divine rights bestowed upon us as Americans. It is a just war. As for all you RINOS, go read Revelation 3:15-16.

  9. Anonymous

    i have a feeling that it will be an interesting GOP convention.

    mr jones has the right idea; however, it would take a serious effort by those seen as weak on principles to overcome the anger they have caused of late

    I think there is a great need for self-evaluation on everyone’s part. There is a saying “Holding onto anger is like holding onto a hot coal with the intent of throwing it an someone. in the end, you are the only one who gets burnt.” The primary is over. It was hard fought. But, if either side thinks they can win without the other, they might as well just give the legislature over to the Democrats.

  10. Bob Ellis

    “The central Figure of Christianity” was talking to people who were open to receiving the truth when he gave us the Beatitudes.

    I would suggest you read Matthew chapter 23, Matthew 21:12 and John 2:15 to see how he responded to self-righteous hypocrites who arrogantly tried to deceive, mislead and take advantage of people–pretty much like the RINOs infesting the GOP do. Christ doesn’t teach people to be impotent idiots who simply smile like morons in the face of deception and hypocrisy, though I’m pretty sure you wish he did so you and your liberal friends could mislead with impunity.

    Arrogance? Arrogance is joining a group with a specific, documented set of values and goals, then thumbing your nose at those values and goals, and then on top of that having the conceit to get all snotty and rebellious when those who still believe in those values and goals point out your contempt.

    Arrogance? Go take a long look in the mirror, then work on some humility, at least, if you can’t find it in yourself to be loyal to they party you CLAIM to hold allegiance to.

    Bob, I’m looking for some humility in your comments. Bob, you are not Christ. Maybe you should remember Christ also said, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for your selves.” (Mathew 11-29). Anger all the time just doesn’t show the fruits.


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