Epilogue: These Bootz are made for hiding.

If you’ll note my post a few hours back about District 3 Democrat House Candidate Nikki Bootz offering a rather stark opinion of the University community at NSU she hopes to represent in Pierre (after this thirty-something-year-old was lamenting that “Theatre class is hard? Since when“)..

f_northern… Apparently, seeing it in print caused this candidate to suddenly grew a sense of discretion.

bootzaremadeforhidinOr, at the least, she decided that her Bootz are made for hiding.


14 Replies to “Epilogue: These Bootz are made for hiding.”

  1. Spencer

    Why is she running? She does not care about anyone else or anything and hates Aberdeen including NSU and 3M. Or, is her candidacy some sort of joke too or shallow jab at someone else?

      1. Anonymous

        Speaking of hiding, Pat when are you going to let your readers know you’re a bail bondsman? How high are the fees you charge?

        1. Anonymous

          Aww, sweetie, I didn’t read your announcement from August 2015 because you just aren’t that interesting. But good for you for telling the world you’re a bail bondsman. A prestigious and lucrative job to have.

          And, no, I am not an idiot. 😆

          1. Anonymous

            He must be interesting enough for you to call him out and then to keep posting.

            I agree with Pat…you are an idiot.

            1. Pat Powers Post author

              I suspect it’s more of a case of being a candidate who didn’t like her opinions of NSU and working people exposed. And now she lacks the courage of her convictions to put her name to it.

              Plus, she’s an idiot.

              1. Anonymous

                You’re wrong, I’m just ordinary Joe Citizen who thinks you’re a malevolent, narcissistic douche bag. Hope you can eventually get over being wrong.

  2. Anonymous

    The demise of the Brown county Democratic Party didn’t just happen. There has been a very focused goal in the brown county GOP that has taken away seats from democrats election by election over the past ten years and has moved races from the democrat column to the GOP.

    Brown county was once one of the more liberal democratic counties in SD and now will be sending two constitutional conservatives to Pierre.

    All counties should be as inclusive toward the big tent.

    The fact that the dems are recruiting her tells us the state of the local dem party.

  3. Troy Jones

    I agree Brown County was the epicenter of the SDDP for decades. But it wasn’t a liberal bastion. They were pragmatic and middle of the road. The losing of this mooring in the SDDP may be the reason they are irrelevant.

    1. Anonymous

      Troy makes a good point. Moderate elements of the SDDP would help them win. Just like the GOP not being dominated by the Stace/Hubbel wing helps them win.

      Though Daugaard is not someone I would ever vote for again.

      The SDDP is extremely far left now. Where are the Daschle, Johnson and SHS candidates?

      1. A Nony Moose

        Where are Tommy, Timmy, and Steffie??????

        Hopefully in the trashbin of history.

  4. Anonymous

    I always think it shows a lot of class when somebody manages to drop an f-bomb in a tweet. What a twit she is.