Even Obama had the sense to not let a murderer walk free

The New York Daily News, as well as a number of other news outlets, are reporting that  – despite letting a lot of other people who endangered lives in this country walk free – there’s one killer who should be kept locked up:

More commutations are expected from President Obama on his last day in office, but one high-profile name will not be on the list — jailed Native American activist Leonard Peltier.

The 72-year-old who was sentenced to life in prison for the shooting deaths of two FBI agents in 1975 will not get a commutation from President Obama despite a well-coordinated campaign from supporters that included Pope Francis himself.


The Department of Justice dashed the hopes of Peltier, his family and supporters in a terse email sent to his lawyer Wednesday afternoon.

“The application for commutation of sentence of your client, Mr. Leonard Peltier, was carefully considered in this Department and the White House, and the decision was reached that favorable action is not warranted. Your client’s application was therefore denied by the President on January 18, 2017,” it said.

Read it here.

And here’s a rare opportunity to say “Good job, President Obama. You did the right thing.”

4 Replies to “Even Obama had the sense to not let a murderer walk free”

  1. duggersd

    No, just this murderer. Chelsea Manning is responsible for a lot more deaths than Peltier. I doubt we will ever know just how many people died because of what he did.

  2. Troy

    The release of Manning is Obama saying fu to America for choosing Trump as his successor.

    At least they can no longer complain about hacking and leaks anymore.

  3. Anonymous

    Being a former member of a branch of the military I was against Manning being released also. An oath was betrayed and war can be a messy affair. SGT. Manning should of stayed in prison till the end of the sentence. It had nothing to do with being transgender or threats of suicide.

  4. Anonymous

    What about the Puerto Rican terrorist? You know, the unrepentant one who has never disavowed his evil actions. Obama has on conscience or soul; thank heavens he has been flown away-just not far enough!