5 Replies to “Exclusive sneak peek of Kristi for Congress Ad – Kristi Noem: Working for South Dakota”

  1. Anonymous

    The big question I have for her is if she will follow her term limit pledge like Thune or if she changes her mind and becomes a DC lifer. Run for Gov!

    1. Neighbor

      What was her term limit pledge?

      When she ran against Herseth, Herseth had only served 3 full terms if memory serves + that odd year when the special election happened after Janklow took time off?

  2. JIm Bryan

    She has my vote this time, but it would be nice to see her show a little spine!

    I have went from giving her money in her first 2 runs to being very disappointed. At a RC town hall she explained you have to negotiate…. I just wonder if she holds a single important position that is not up for negotiation.

    It’s not just her, but it seems like a disease that effects the entire party….

    As an aside, I received a mailer from Stuck Saturday calling Jensen an extremist. The same day a Struck campaign worker knocked on my door, I told her no thanks I was voting for the extremist….. She just smiled!