Family Heritage Alliance hosting Religious Liberty Town Hall


November 18-20 the FHA welcomes to Matt Sharp to South Dakota. Sharp, Legal Counsel with the Arizona based ‘Alliance Defending Freedom’. Matt will keynote this year’s four-city SD Religious Liberty Town Hall Tour. He, along with FHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher will speak to this issue in Rapid City (Nov. 18), Aberdeen and Sioux Falls (Nov. 19) and then Mitchell (Nov. 20).

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6 Replies to “Family Heritage Alliance hosting Religious Liberty Town Hall”

  1. Anonymous

    Will Josh Duggar be touring also? It would be great to see how he is doing since the last time he was paraded around in the legislature.

      1. Anonymous

        It would make me want to go if one of the guys from Duck Dynasty is there. They are good, decent people, and I think they would have a lot to contribute regarding the assault on religious liberty being pushed by the secular left.

  2. Anonymous

    The Duggar family plane flew in to pick up Josh at the treatment facility to be rushed away. Josh I’m sure is happy to be free and available to share his journey.

  3. jimmy james

    From Family Heritage Alliance website:

    “Are you ready…to be arrested?
    • Are you ready…to lose your children to the state?
    • Is your pastor ready to go to jail for refusing to officiate a same sex marriage?
    • Will your church be shut down?
    • Will Christians be forced to break the law?”

    Come on now. I don’t believe in forcing people to officiate at gay weddings but let’s try to stop this Henny Penny routine.


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