Family Ties

Bob Mercer has a well researched and thoughtful editorial in the Mitchell Daily Republic

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South Dakota is a small state where the game of degrees of separation can usually be completed in two steps — and probably with a relative.

You may not like Daugaard’s pick of his son-in-law, or that his own son was hired by the PUC — but it’s not unprecedented  and it’s a safe bet that it’ll happen again in the future.   The degree to which it stinks should be determined by how the person does his/her job after they’ve gotten it.

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  1. Kristi Golden

    It’s okay because let’s be realistic — most of us know each other and many are related (small population of the state) And it’s okay if they are qualified.

    I’ll be honest, I’ve gotten a job interview (heck I’ve given job interviews) — and maybe even a job or two — because of someone I’ve known (as most of us have) But my performance on the job is entirely my own – same goes if it’s someone I hire based on someone I know’s recommendation.

  2. Veritas

    Being connected and using those connections to your advantage is one thing. Using your position as governor to take care of your children with taxpayer funds is something else all together.

  3. anoonymous

    Remember DD’s commercial when he talks about all the jobs he had in addition to being politician, lawyer and CEO – like carpenter, truck driver etc. He should let his kid and SIL go make their own way. If these guys are such rock stars, they shouldn’t have any problem landing a good job on their own. Kristi just because it has happened before and likely will happen again doesn’t mean people have to like it. It smacks of arrogance and not in character with what DD sold us on the campaign.

  4. Stace Nelson

    Do you have any actual evidence that such a crime occurred or are you rolling with your confusion about facts and opinions still?

    Well written article, may I suggest reading it?

  5. The Dude

    It doesn’t look good to hire your family.

    It’s one thing to hire a second cousin and another to hire your son or son-in-law. They are both good people but I would rather see this kind of thing discouraged rather than encouraged. Especially in our current political environment.

    If Dennis feels he needs his son in law as an advisor than I guess he needed to hire him.

  6. Veritas

    Crime? What are you talking about Stace? What the governor-elect has done is unethical, and wrong, but not a crime as far as I know.

  7. Veritas

    Sadly, Stace, considering the way the governor-elect is using his public office to look after friends and family, he would be right at home in the Governor’s mansion in Springfield, IL.

  8. DVR

    Mercer conflates voting for a relative and hiring a relative for a job. Those are two very different things. Voters have the opportunity to choose among candidates – they voted for Stephanie Herseth, Lars Herseth, George S. Mickelson or Scott Heidepriem because they wanted them to win.

    Voters did not choose Brian Rounds, Brendan Johnson, or the Daugaard relatives for their jobs. They may be qualified for those jobs, but we shouldn’t compare voters’ decisions to elect relatives to politicians’ decision to hire people.


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