Fear Not, Nancy Pelosi is Here to Save Us

Unless you have been cut off from all news in the past several weeks, you know that congress is working to head off a budget crisis. As the deadline draws closer, and the battle lines have drawn, the various groups start battling it out.

Although this is super-interesting, it seems odd to me that such a legitimate and hard-hitting blog as yours would have no threads about the debt limit negotiations we are suffering through.

Jeez, is it that hard to copy and past at least something to get a thread started?

from Job Creator

What could we say that hasn’t already be said….

Watch the video at here

What we?re trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget..We?re trying to save life on this planet as we know it today.

-Nancy Pelosi

Didn’t see that coming. I expected something outlandish, but by passing this bill will bring about the end of the world?

And here I was worried about asteroids and such.

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  1. springer

    Well, we have to remember this is our darling Nancy. Probably just trying to get back in the limelight after being shoved to the back of the room. This is an example of how idiotic some of the far liberal Dems really are. The sad and scary thing though is that these people are in control in DC.

  2. Job Creator

    Thanks for at least giving us the opportunity to talk about it here. There are a lot of us who come here who stand to lose huge amounts of money in the markets if Congress does not get this accomplished.

    In an interview today, Ron Insana said he is getting calls from his contacts around the world wondering how a country this important can’t get something done on this issue. He said he is embarrassed by what’s (not) happening.

    I think the Speaker is equally embarrassed because at the moment I’m writing this, he is calling freshmen into his office and beating the stuffing out of them to get them to vote for his own bill. Welcome to coalition government.

  3. springer

    If nothing is done, Moses, you can kiss SS and Medicare goodbye permanently. Would you be happy then?? There are plenty of things that could and should be cut, eliminated, waste and duplication gotten rid of, but unless entitlements are also addressed, spending will exceed all available revenue.

    I’m also worried that our IRA etc will take a hit again if nothing is done, and if nothing substantial is done. Kinda makes me want to take the money out and bury it under my mattress. Course, coming inflation makes that unworkable too. Ugh.

  4. Stan Gibilisco

    “What we?re trying to do is save … save life on this planet as we know it today.”

    From what or whom? An asteroid? The Xindi? The Borg? The Tea Party? All more or less equal threats, say I.

    1. PlanningStudent

      I would love to have this argument with you hear about growing up in Pierre and how we addressed, or about the continuing rash of suicides on our reservations and how we should address it. Or how this article incoherently jumps from suicides to gay whatever therapy to gay bullying back to suicides. But the moderator shouldn’t have even let your post go up because it is so off topic. So I’ll hold my tongue and hope you learn to do so as well..


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