Federal Government Park Service blocking view of Mt. Rushmore from highway with Tim Johnson’s support.

With South Dakota’s most famous park, Mt. Rushmore, many people can stop along the highway and take pictures because… Well, because IT’S A MOUNTAIN.

20131005-072513.jpgIn fact, I was just there last weekend, and took this picture myself from the highway.

But the Obama administration won’t have any of that. They have actually gone to the step of putting parking cones along the highway, so you can’t stop and take a freaking picture of the nation’s most famous mountain from the road, as I did above.

Even worse, Tim Johnson’s office is defending the practice.

“It’s all closed up,” the newspaper quoted North Collins, N.Y., resident Hilde Werneth as saying. “They won’t even let you stop and take a picture. You can only drive by.”


Perry Plumart, a spokesman for Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson, said closing Mount Rushmore hurts visitors, businesses and furloughed park rangers.

“The best way to restore access to all national parks, including Mount Rushmore, is for Speaker Boehner and the House to pass a clean continuing resolution and end the government shutdown,” Plumart said.

Read it here. Nothing about putting cones on a public highway being outrageous? Just a pithy comment about passing a clean resolution? What’s next? Johnson defending them putting a tarp over the monument?

If Johnson opposes it, he needs to do more than send his spokes-monkey out to parrot the administration’s talking points. He needs to give us a real opinion about blocking South Dakota highways so people can’t take pictures of a mountain.

Here’s what right-headed people have to say about blocking the view from the highway:

“It disgusts me that taxpayer resources were used on this act of stupidity,” Rep. Kristi Noem said. “This is federal government arrogance at its worst.”

Sen. John Thune said he had seen photos of the coned-off viewing areas, and he said it’s “outrageous” if federal officials are barring people from pulling over and taking pictures from the highway.

“It seems to me, on a lot of levels — and we saw this out here with the World War II Memorial — the administration wants to make this as painful as possible,” Thune said, referring to barricades around the memorial.

Thune said the Senate could easily take up spending bills to fund parks and other specific items rather than an overall spending bill, but he said Democrats have refused. “They, obviously, prefer to have the issue and not the solution,” he said.

Read that here, and keep in mind that it’s the Obama administration and democrats who want to put virtual tarps over Mt. Rushmore.

The Federal Government Park Shutdown is nothing more than ploy, and they put the exclamation point behind that here in South Dakota.

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  1. PsySciGuy

    Please have someone write an explanation how the NPS or Federal government has the authority to block off these viewing areas. Where in federal law does this authority exist? What is the statute that would allow prosecution for just running over the cones?

    1. Anonymous

      Federal Websites are dark so go looking yourself. What gives state governments control over wildlife on federal ground?

      1. Jamie

        The questions are rhetorical, that means he already knows the answer. There is no authority. as far as “control” over wildlife and your sycophantic rant, I’ll wait here while you go give some citations to the wildlife. I’m sure the that woodpecker is ready to turn himself in for pecking the !@#$ out of that utility pole, and the bears are really sorry for !@#$ing in the woods and ready to submit to federal “control”.

        Don’t go around calling people morons when you can’t even identify a rhetorical question.

      1. Condor

        The House is not shutting anything down. That is the Executive Branch that does that, you know, Zero stamping his feet and holding his breath until he turns purple because he hasn’t gotten his way.

        1. get congress back to work

          And this comment is one of the reason’s we are in the mess we are in. I’m sure you remember the little after school house rock special I’m just a bill oh wait looks like your forgot all about it Google it watch it and get a brain. Congress has authority over financial and budgetary policy through the enumerated power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States. NOT THE PRESIDENT his job is to enforce the laws.

  2. Michael (ConstantConservative)

    Behaviour like this (going out of the way to make the shutdown painful to citizens) is remarkably childish and immature. That Johnson defends it is no surprise, but one hopes that people are able to understand bullying when they see it.

    1. Anonymous

      Behavior from the Republicans in allowing the shutdown to occur is remarkably childish and immature. That Republicans defend it is no surprise but one hopes that people are able to understand bullying when they see it. It’s a two-way street Michael. All Congressional Republicans should just line up on the steps of the Capitol and simultaneously stomp their feet and cry like babies because it’s the equivalent of letting the shutdown happen.

      1. David Tennessen

        The Dems shut done the government. The Repubs in the house passed a CR. They’ve also passed piecemeal legislation to fund various federal agencies. The Dems refuse to negotiate. You can spin all you like, but it doesn’t change the facts.

        1. Anonymous

          You can spin it all you like but it doesn’t change the facts that the House Republicans are holding hostage the American people because they want to defund a law that was passed. Approving ‘piecemeal legislation’ does not excuse the mess House Republicans have created by allowing the shutdown of the federal govt.

          1. David Tennessen

            So, Anonny, no law that has ever been passed has evaporated? No congress has ever attached conditions to a CR or a vote to raise the debt limit? Time to study a little legislative history. The Republican-controlled House has passed a spending bill that maintains spending levels but does not provide funding to implement the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. The Democratic Senate insists that the program be fully funded and that Congress pass what they call clean continuing resolution. Since 1977 we have had 17 government shutdowns, many lead by democrats in the legislature. Most ended with negotiations and changes to previously passed legislation.

            Turn the clock back a couple of years and see how Obamacare was passed. It was rammed down the throat of Americans with little debate and not a single vote of the minority party at the time. Most legislators and American people had no idea of the content of the bill or the impact of the legislation. In fact, Speaker Pelosi said that we “had to pass this bill to see what was in it.” Talk about holding the American people hostage.

            One more fact Anonny, on Sept 29, the House (read Republicans) passed a CR that merely delayed implementation of Obamacare for one year. It would also require the Senate and House to meet in conference to iron out their differences. Democrat Harry Reid, Mr. Civility himself replied with a resounding “NO!”

            So, if you really look at the process, it is the President and his Democrat allies that are truly holding the budget hostage.

            1. Anonymous

              The fact that you are referring to me as “Anonny” pleases me. It lets me know I’ve gotten under your self-righteous skin.

              You mean if I look at the process from your dogmatic view, I would see it your way. Fortunately, I don’t share your view … Oops, spin.

              The first government shutdown actually occurred in 1976 and there have been 17 shutdowns since then. The website you used to find that information is either incorrect or you didn’t understand it.

              And your statement about Reid is incorrect too. He actually said: ‘”We will not go to conference with a gun to our head.’ http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2013/10/05/republican-senator-says-she-has-plan-to-end-shutdown/?hpt=hp_inthenews

              But carry on spinning. Hope you don’t fall down when you’re done.

              1. David Tennessen

                I shortened your name for expediency not because you got under my skin.

                My website was the Congressional Research Service and I understood it fully and accurately.

                Reid refused to negotiate. You can add all of the caveats you want, but a refusal is a refusal.

                Dogmatic? I guess because we disagree you start using labels. Sounds somewhat like Reid’s tactics.

                1. Anonymous

                  Yes, Reid rightfully so refused to negotiate. It’s not my ‘caveat’, it’s a quote directly from Reid. And since you incorrectly used the word caveat, I highly doubt you understood anything on the CRS site.

                  Dogmatic is not a label. It’s an adjective used to describe a noun. The noun in this case is view.

                  I guess because we disagree you can’t accept that it’s not just one party at fault for the shutdown. Sounds like something a Republican would do. Have a great day. And thank, I will too. 🙂

          2. Anonymous

            Have you taken one minute to educate yourself on the effect of Zero-Care on the families and businesses, the jobs and budgets, of the American people? You obviously haven’t!
            This is the response of a narcissist/ dictator, fella! Wake up and salute your leader: He is NOT serving the people, he is pitching a dictator’s fit!
            The Congress has greatly damaged our country over the past few decades, and now
            no one can fix what they have allowed to happen! Too many passed laws are unConstitutional, and now we have nothing to enforce that will help us save our country, short of a shutdown of this government, and the creation of another one by a convening of the States to do just that! And, interestingly, that’s Constitutional! This one isn’t working for the people, and we are on the brink of a civil war, idiot!

          3. Jamie

            I won’t hide my name.
            when this is all said and done, you can pretend your side won and then you can be king of the scrap yard. Cause I can see what you are about. narcissistic sociopath, is what you are. NO NEED TO SPEND MONEY, TO SHUT THINGS DOWN CAUSE YOU HAVE NO MONEY. Even a simpleton like you should be able to understand, you don’t spend money, to prove you have none. I guess the cones, barricades, and labor to install them was free? Let’s buy a $5,000 sign to tell people we are broke right? See if you can find a way to get off your knees okay? take some time off from groveling and do something useful instead of kissing butt, and licking boots.

        2. Don in MO

          You’re right David.

          The Democrats don’t want to acknowledge that they are the party of NO! The votes have been 100% YES for Republicans and 100% NO for Democrats. That pretty much does say who the Party of NO is.

          Makes me wonder if all of these folks that want to blame it on the Republicans because they won’t pass what they want also whined continuously after they’d asked their parents for a pony for Christmas and didn’t get it.

      2. Condor

        Right, Republicans were supposed to abandon their beliefs and what they were elected to do, so Zero could “get things done”. How about Zero not being a petty tyrant who modifies settled law however he see’s fit.

      3. Anonymous

        Amazing Obama supporters refuse to accept responsibility for anything We have basically 2 parties and both are FN classless spoiled bitches . The kind of politics that is going on is something I see my grandchildren do!! But it all STARTED with Obama with calling people who don’t agree with as Terorrist He is the president of United States ATLEAST act like you have some class with this administration it’s his way or no way we have never had so much detention in this country since civil war days and please excuse my writing it’s only voice activated so can’t put this in real letter form

        1. Jamie

          His supporters never leave the couch, that’s why. This only affects those of us who experience REAL nature, not fake UN agenda 21 environmentalism/ global warming sold to us through the TV. So shutting down “NATURE” as if they have the authority to tell the earth what to do is completely normal to a spoon fed Obama supporter. I’m not intimidated by Obama supporters, Mark Dice has proven over and over they are dumbest animals on the planet. They also are for gov’t dependency. They are only a threat to themselves.

      4. Anti tyranny

        Gee, I wish I had one of THOSE credit cards. You know the kind where people didn’t have to think. Someone else else paid off the card and I could just ask for more credit anytime.

        We’re already $16T+ in the hole and we want more. Try that at your local car dealership. Tell that to the grocery store. I don’t care if you are a dem or rep. If you don’t have it don’t spend it.

      5. Anonymous

        The house is doing its job.listen and act on the words of.the America voters.
        As for passing the budget, it is a clear an concise job of the president to set limits on spending. As he said as a Senator. Raising the debt ceiling is absurd.

        1. get congress back to work

          key words in the definition making laws
          : a formal meeting in which representatives or experts discuss important matters, make decisions, etc.

          : the group of people who are responsible for making the laws of a country in some kinds of government

          If you want him to be a dictator and make the laws as well I say fire them all and all hail the king. Otherwise call your congressman or women and tell them your not happy that they can’t pass a budget and you won’t be voting for them next time no matter what party they are in. People want change but yet vote in the same morons like Palin or Bachmann who is so smart Miley Cyrus is even making fun of her. I swear to God I would have voted for Mccain if it had pick a better VP than Palin.

      6. Anonymous

        Wow are you a foolish Kool-Aid drinking sack of shit. This shutdown is because crybaby liberals (like yourself) are refusing to negotiate with the Republicans. Do this world a favor and do not procreate.

        (Language, and manners, please. -P)

        1. BiteMe

          I think it’s hilarious how the radicals on either side of this fence are so brainwashed they are unable to see the reality that both sides share blame, and really not one more than the other. Keep drinking that KoolAid all you Conservatives and Liberals. Neither of you two have a wit of objectivity. Blows my mind.

      1. Condor

        Actually the States would have not problems if the central Government planners would stop mandating unfunded programs for them.

      2. Anonymous

        Where do you think the federal government gets its money from dumbass? Do the world a favor and do not procreate “ed”.

        1. Jamie

          They borrow it from the federal reserve with interest, and then call it your debt. The tax they collect from YOU and me is to pay the interest on that debt. That’s where the federal government get’s it’s money from “dumbass”.

  3. Fallon Early

    So anonymous can’t defend this punitive action. Neither can Democrats defend their hypocrisy is demanding a clean bill when Mr. Obama has used presidential fiat to change ObamaCare legislation- for all the hue and cry about it being a law, he has cherry-picked what parts will be enacted, who gets subsidies and exemptions, etc. as usual, the left is intellectually dishonest. That does not mean I like a zero-sum game- I think the strategy is all wrong by Republicans. I say sue the administration to enact the whole mess, right now, no delays for politics, and let the chips fall where they may before 2016. But the POTUS is a very petty lightweight, and his legislators follow his lead. Read about how he is looking for a massive stock sell-off on MSN Money, or better yet, read Bob Woodward’s “Price of Politics” about the last debt crisis to see the truth about Obama and Reid’s dictatorial and manipulative machinations. They WANT it to hurt so that they can blame, blame, blame. They and their sycophants lie.

      1. Condor

        Yes you are. The posting was completely correct. If you want to call him out please explain how Zero exempted multiple companies and unions, and delayed business mandates even though it is settled law. Zero has a disturbing tendency to believe he can legislate by fiat.

  4. Roger Meyer

    Couldn’t state crew remove the cones while they are removing the snow. After all these are state maintained roads aren’t they?

  5. Keep South Dakota Republican

    Is it possible the police are there to keep accidents from happening? I’m not familiar with the area but if you can’t go see the mountain anywhere else and a lot of people are trying to take pictures at this specific spot along the road maybe it’s dangerous and creating a hazard?

    If not then it’s too bad Obama is going so far out of control.

  6. grudznick

    I’m sure the President would not declare any such disaster in order to punish South Dakota for not licking his boots. I say BAH to the President on the assistance he couldn’t give even if he wanted to and on his Obamacare fiasco.

  7. dawn rumford

    I say get rid of everyone in the house and senate and start over. They are all in office playing games with Americans lives. We cannot afford to not be paid. We are going to lose everything because they can’t get their act together and do their jobs!

    1. Anonymous

      One thing this shows is how many people are not required to work for the government but still have a job. Government is in all of our lives and it’s pathetic.

  8. Anonymous

    We don’t need anyone to ‘watch’ us while we look at scenery. Judge Napolitano doesn’t even offer any solutions.
    What is everybody afraid of? Hmmmmmmmm. Progressive thugs? The Senate Sargeant at Arms can be sent to arrest government officials, even the President, but no one ever mentions that. They could do something. This tyrant has obviously lost his mind: He’s not rational.

  9. Anonymous

    Feds are doing the same overstepping here in Zion NP. They have put up baricades on all pull outs along county roadsides surounding the park in an attempt to keep people from stopping to take pictures. Now people are just stopping in the roadway to take pictures. The Feds actions are compleatly childish and only serve to piss off the citizens to whom they are to be serving.