Feeling blue…

Can you imagine how the Blue Dog Democrats such as Stephanie Herseth Sandlin will feel if the supreme court overturns The Patient Protecion and Affordable Care Act? This issue cost her her seat in congress. She was just one of the promising politicians tossed out by the people through the fiasco of Obamacare, and if the Supreme Court strikes the law down, she’ll have been nothing more than a casualty of liberal overreach.

The Supreme Court?s skeptical consideration of President Obama?s landmark health-care legislation this week has forced his supporters to contemplate the unthinkable: that the justices could throw out the law and destroy the most far-reaching accomplishment of the Obama presidency.

The fate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is uncertain. A ruling is not expected until June. White House officials are refusing publicly to consider that the law might be struck down or to discuss contingency plans, insisting that they do not address hypothetical questions.

Some members of liberal groups are focused on galvanizing voters if the supreme court overturns Obamacare.

One liberal group formed to build public support for the law, Protect Your Care, plans to throw out its playbook if the justices rule against the administration. Instead of promoting the popular provisions in the law, the group would devote its time in the fall to going negative on the court itself ? painting the conservative justices as partisan ideologues who robbed Americans of needed benefits. The messages would be aimed at seniors who might lose prescription drug benefits and young people who might lose access to their parents? health insurance plans.

?Since Bush v. Gore, from the progressive side, it would be the most galvanizing Supreme Court ruling ever,? said Eddie Vale, a spokesman for the group. ?You?d have a 5-4 court, in clearly a partisan political decision, striking down not just President Obama?s biggest legislative accomplishment but also the biggest progressive legislation since LBJ.?

Clearly the apect of a 5-4 vote rejecting Obamacare that liberals are forgetting in their hopes of galvanizing support against the court or Republicans is that any number of judges who cast a vote striking the law down would be on the side of the vast majority of Americans who believe the law is unconstituional and support it’s repeal.

I have never heard of anything so silly in all my life. The day Obamacare is overturned (if we are so fortunate), I imagine we will see rejoicing and praise for the court by an overwhelming percentage of Americans.

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  1. Good god

    Can we stop the meme about the vast majority of Americans believe the law is unconstitutional? The vast majority of Americans aren’t qualified to answer that question, and the U.S. Constitution leaves it up to the Court to be unswayed by the vast majority of Americans. If the vast majority of Americans believe health care should be untouched by the federal government, then the vast majority of Americans can adopt a constitutional amendment protecting health care from government intervention.

    1. Jammer

      But let me guess, you are one of the PROGRESSIVE liberals that think these same voters are smart enough to vote on initiatives and referendums. I guess they could either check into a Holiday Inn Express the night before the vote or merely rely on all of the EMOTIONAL hype progressive liberals would put out prior to the election.

    2. Giraffe

      @good God
      If the vast majority of Americans believe health care should be untouched by the federal government, then the vast majority of Americans can adopt a constitutional amendment protecting health care from government intervention.

      You must be one of those unqualified Americans that you speak of. The Constitution already protects health care from the Federal Government. It doesn’t take an Ivy League law degree to see that.

      1. springer

        “The Constitution already protects health care from the Federal Government. ” Yes, it does and that seems to be what the SCOTUS has hopefully figured out, something that anyone reading the Constitution and living by it already knew. It’s Obama, Pelosi, and their ilk that don’t seem to get it. They think the Constitution is a “flexible” (Obama’s new word!) document that they can ignore at will.

  2. D.E. Bishop

    I hope and pray they don’t overturn it. I hate to see people suffer needlessly. Thousands of deaths every year because people cannot afford or access medical care due to lack of insurance.

    For some, ACA is a political game. For thousands, it truly is life and death. That seems to be largely absent from most health care discussions.

    That speaks so poorly of America.

    1. Jammer

      The entire country is suffering needlessly. Perhaps this is new information to you or perhaps you don’t understand what all of the red ink at the bottom of the page in the following link really means?


      Progressive liberal principles and policies are destroying this country. You can stop the suffering by voting a progressive liberal out of office in November.

      1. Anonymous

        Conservative principles and policies have been hard at work doing the same thing: Destroying this country.

          1. Anonymous

            Could you please list and identify precisely the destruction progressive liberals have caused? Facts not what you believe, please.

    2. SDMike

      There is two parts to suffering needlessly – one is the dog that was drug behind Chevy Chase’s car inthe movie Vacation. The other one is me having to pay for those that are unwilling to help themselves – how many people do you know that have NOT been able to get medical treatment!!!! Ask that question first – none – zippo – zero. Those of us that carry health care insurance are subsidizing them already. All the affordable healthcare act did was allow those that don’t want to pay for the expense of health care to be taken care of. Additionally I refer to our current Indian Health Care System Statement “Don’t get sick after June 1st”. That is why I don’t want the government looking out for me

    3. springer

      If a person has no insurance and presents to the ER, that person will be treated. The people who will be suffering with Obamacare are the old (gutting of Medicare and the “death” panel, a pseudonym for the new group responsible for determining who gets what care based on age and viability), and eventually everyone when the whole country goes broke because of this new entitlement. Of course, I believe Obama wants that so he can remake this country in the image he thinks it should be (Europe) or a member of the one world govt. Why else would he be so h—bent on forcing this through with lies, bribery, coercion, and not let anyone read it before voting on it? This is so completely contrary to how this country is supposed to function and how a true leader is supposed to govern. But then, he really never led anything except his community organizing activities.

    4. ymous

      That is a pile of crap. Come on? Who do you know that goes with out basic health care? Who are these faceless people? The community health centers as well as emergency rooms are not allowed to not help someone seeking medical care (which is part of the problem). They wouldnt pay under obama care and they arent paing now. So whats the difference?

  3. Bill Fleming

    Stephanie’s main problem with the health care bill, as I recall, was that it was basically a handout/windfall to the insurance companies. The “mandate” issue is an interesting one. I wonder if it were instead framed as a “personal responsibility requirement” it would be more more acceptable to the GOP palate? It was, after all a Republican idea, and supposedly a compromise, encouraging free market competition rather than a Universal single payer tax system (which by the way IS constitutional.) It will be good to have this resolved either way.

    1. anon

      I want to make a bold prediction. If Marty Jackley is able to overturn this bitch with the help of the other AG’s he will be elevated to a political status held by only John Thune in SD GOP politics.

      1. THUNE
      2. JACKLEY
      2.5 ROUNDS
      3. DAUGAARD
      4. NOEM
      5. DUSTY??? nah…

      1. Anonymous

        2.5 ROUNDS ? You’re kidding, right? Why would you rate the “accidental governor” above people who earned the office by hard work and being honest with the voters? Rounds is a joke!

        1. timmy

          Well he is a former governor with a 70% approval rating and his LG won the gop primary with over 50% of the vote.

          Rounds also appointed Jackley AG.

          Chew on it. He has more heirs in office than Thune. Even Dusty started under Rounds.

    2. veldy

      Sorry Bill-Stephanie’s main problem was that if she voted for the bill-she knew she was toast, so, after she got the “wink wink” OK to vote no, she played the “let’s fix it” game. If it was bad legislation, repeal it.

    3. really?

      ?personal responsibility requirement?

      Doesn’t the requirement part negate the personal responsibility part? This could only make sense to a liberal.

  4. Charlie Hoffman

    By GOD then I want a Constitutional Guarantee that every Red Blooded American is guaranteed a Certified Angus Beef T-Bone on their plate every day of their life. Cause eating healthy goes a long way towards staying out of the Docs office!

  5. Charlie Hoffman

    That was not directed at you Veldy. Though a slice of prime baked just right beats any cut I have ever eaten.

    LMAO on who keeps bringing up all this old legislation trying to make it seem like a big deal certainly headed for a scorecard banner ad coming to a website near you. DOA


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