Ferebee accused of abusing position as commissioner.

Apparently, someone was a bad, bad County Commissioner.  it’s reported in the news this AM that Pennington County Commissioners have suspended Commissioner George Ferebee from the planning commission and publicly reprimanded him for using his post to gain information for his court case, as well as other actions:

Four Pennington County commissioners have publicly reprimanded a fellow board member for allegedly bullying and harassing Planning Department staff.


Commissioners say Ferebee created a hostile work environment and violated the county’s code of ethics.

Ferebee is accused in court of violating county ordinance by failing to obtain a permit for his septic system. The county’s planning director says Ferebee used his position to pursue information for his court case.

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In the Rapid City Journal, Commissioner Deb Hadcock had to weigh in with her usual erudite manner:

Hadcock said she did not agree with Ferebee, but she appreciates his “passion.”

“You gotta give it to George because that freakin’ on-site wastewater stuff, that’s just his passion, and he’s gonna fight it no matter what,” she said. “And I had told him before if you’re gonna do something, do something about it. If you’re gonna keep whining about how the system sucks, then do something, George.”

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5 Replies to “Ferebee accused of abusing position as commissioner.”

  1. anonymous

    Planning Dept. “information” is public information.

    I have frequently found governments at all levels to play “hide the ball” with information a citizen might want and is entitled to have. Ferebee may have run into those types of officials.

    I doubt that a county commissioner can create a hostile work environment for county employees as he is an elected official and has no supervisory role over those employees.

    The suggestion that this gu\y has been bad, bad commissioner is certainly premature and irresponsible.

    And no, I do not know anyone involved in this squabble.

  2. Anonymous

    No, the characterization is not premature. Commissioner Ferebee has a long history of anger management problems. He is an angry spiteful human being with no sense of decency whatsoever, in other words, a perfect west river wing nut.

    1. Dakota Conservative

      Although you may consider west of the river wing nuts, I doubt that you have met all the hard working responsible people that live west of the river so I would say that is premature of you to use that terminology for everyone. Besides that, at least you could use a different name than Anonymous. How many of those are there on this web site?

  3. anonymous

    This should be no surprise . You voted in a commissioner who ran on his own personal agenda . You just did the same thing when those of you in district 30 elected Russell and Mueller

  4. grudznick

    This Mr. Ferebee fellow is a Howite from way back and insaner than most. They should ban him from town completely and have him stay out there where he is using an empty oil drum rusted out in 1944 as a septic tank.