Fieldworks pot petitioners trying to get pot legalization signatures at High School band event

Apparently the pot petitioners are going anywhere they think they can.

Yesterday, at Howard Wood Field, Fieldworks pot petitioners “Andrew” and someone who looks to be named Sarah were at Howard Wood Field in Sioux Falls at the High School Band Competition trolling band competition attendees to sign pot legalization petitions.

I’ve heard they’re pretty aggressive, which I’m sure their handlers tell them to be, but is it unseemly for petitioners to be gathering signatures at a facility that a high school related group has rented? Especially when it’s a petition for the purpose of legalizing drugs?  Or is it no big deal?

What do you think?

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  1. Yote

    They were aggressive and everywhere at Dakota Days Friday and Saturday. Tailgate. On campus. In bars. Everywhere.

  2. Anonymous

    Is that against the law being at a HS event?

    Big Tobacco 2.0 if you see the packaging it is geared towards kids. Get them started young and have an addicted customer for life. The marijuana industry is cultivating and pursuing the heavy users since they are by far the most profitable. Those young brains that don’t fully develop until 25 to 27 years old are most vulnerable to addiction and the other numerous negative effects of today’s super high potency weed.

  3. Charlie Hoffman

    Throw out the industrial entrepreneurs getting filthy rich from the full on legalization of MJ and it boils down to parents of teenagers in States where it has been normalized losing control.

  4. Anonymous

    Former New York Times Author Alex Berenson would be a great speaker to bring in to South Dakota if this con meaning recreational MJ sold as medical makes it to the ballot. Alex Berenson used to have a Libertarian approach to weed and other drugs and periodically smoked weed himself and has an interesting story how he discovered what has been happening nationwide in this push to legalize. He was doubtful at first until he started doing research. GW Pharma invested heavily into studies with medical MJ vs a placebo and you will see in a youtube video where he was on a panel in Ireland at the College of Surgeons that medically marijuana is a big scam for the most part. 94% of those seeking it are there for the purpose of getting high. It is like an inside joke in the industry and a bridge for the far more profitable full recreational.

    One does not need to be genetically predisposed to have a psychotic break either. Those with a family history of mental illness such as for example psychosis, schizophrenia and others had better stay away from this high potency weed.

  5. Anonymous

    The road to legal cannabis for all adults in South Dakota is paved with hemp but tribal nations trapped in the state should be the primary beneficiaries of industry growth there. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has admitted white people are too stupid to grow cannabis, industrial or otherwise and gave the tribes free rein on the path to economic growth. South Dakota Hemp Day will be held in Pierre Oct. 7 anyway.

  6. Lee Schoenbeck

    The dopers thought “hitting the bong” was a percussion event, so hey dude, it made sense to be there

  7. Anonymous

    The law enforcement industry in South Dakota can’t afford to end the war on drugs so Minnesota towns like Pipestone, Luverne, Worthington, Lake Benton, Ortonville and Hendricks near the South Dakota border could reap the coming cannabis whirlwind as Governor Tim Walz urges legalization.

  8. Anonymous

    I see Lar is back posting at 4:24pm and 8:00pm with his copy and paste saved phrases using a proxy since his memory is not so good these days.

  9. Realist

    In my opinion, this is no big deal. Just because you disagree with the content, doesn’t mean you should limit their right to obtain signatures. It was a public event with registered voters. However, their right to do so, like you said, doesn’t shield them from criticism, which ultimately may cause more harm then good to their petition process. I support their right to do what they did, and I don’t we’re in a position to limit that right.

  10. Troy

    Four comments:

    1) On Saturday, I was at my office and had taken my dog with me so we went for a walk. The first “petition gatherer” answered my smiling retort to “Are you a SD registered voter” with “Are you?” He was polite when I told him I was uninterested to sign either one. The second I later ran into was “snotty/huffy” when I said I was uninterested.

    2) Juul is about to feel the consequences of marketing to youth. I’m sure any parents inclined with a “live and let live” attitude on their issues were impacted when they were marketing to their kids (who are still under their direction).

    3) I appreciate the honesty of the Anonymous poster above who said ” The road to legal cannabis for all adults in South Dakota is paved with hemp. . . .” One of the reasons I oppose it is the dishonesty of most of the hemp advocates who deny that is their motive (I have a few others reasons for opposition). Just like how the Obamacare supporters denied it was the road to a single payer health system.

    4) What really appalls me in these supporters is the idea legalization in other states is more than a rationale to legalize here but a justification for sabotaging/nullifying the laws in South Dakota. Its more than an affront against our federal/state system. Its an advocacy for anarchy. Anybody who values basic civil liberties has a corresponding respect and support for the institutions which protect the civil liberties of individuals against tyranny of the government or other powers that be. Supporters of anarchy are people who desire mob rule where the less powerful have no protections.

    These people aren’t your parent’s hippies. These people are our great-grandparent’s KKK.

    1. Realist

      4) In case you forgot, that is the reason for the petition process and getting something on the ballot – so that people can vote on the issue. That is the farthest thing from an “affront on civil liberties” than I’ve ever heard before. Again – disagreeing with the content doesnt negate someones CIVIL LIBERTY to circulate a petition which they feel is appropriate. Also – this process, and every petition process, is an effort to change the law – there is no hiding the ball with that. I am a registered Republican. I value civil liberty. Therefore – I support this group’s effort in the petition process, even though I may disagree with the content. To not allow this process – is the ultimate form a tyranny and is truly and “affront on civil liberty”

      1. Troy


        Civil liberties depend on institutional protection of the minority from mob rule. These people are a Machiavellian mob of epic proportions. As I said, these people are our grandparents KKK.

        1. Realist

          Troy – incorrect. Civil Liberty is protected by the constitution, not institutions. What is Machiavellian is leaning on institutions for civil liberty protection. Civil Liberty is an individual right with limited exceptions – no institution should play a role.

  11. tara volesky

    I wish government would just stay the HELL out of the War on Hemp and Marijuana. Let the people decide not Pierre and the Pharma and Prison industrial complex.

    1. Anonymous

      When they are all drugged out and addicted we can send the to you Tara and you will provide food, shelter, and pay what they owe to others for damages.

      1. tara volesky

        How’s prohibition and criminalizing pot smokers working? I don’t think government is the answer. Better to address family, non-profits and communities. Keep it local. There is plenty of help out there. You can’t help someone that doesn’t want to be helped.

      2. tara volesky

        I have sheltered stone cold sober and drug free homeless people…….never again…….It happened 3 times in a roll…..Trailer trash. It’s called no respect for other people’s property.

  12. Springer

    I was at the fair and stopped at their booth. One of the petition gatherers hadn’t read the petition and was giving incorrect info to people;I challenged her and she admitted so after reading the petition. Another gatherer was snooty and actually shooed me away. They have a tight to get signatures but a responsibility to be honest and respectful and ready to defend their position.

  13. Anne Beal

    Look at those people. If you met them in a bar would you give them your name and address?

    I got into a Facebook discussion with someone who believes that petition circulators are “thoroughly vetted by the state.”

    Reality check folks: for all anybody knows, those petition circulators are serial sex offenders, weird religious cult members, or undercover LEOs. Nobody knows who they are.
    But it’s a sure bet if you give them your name and address, at the very least you are signing up for an avalanche of junk mail.

    1. Anonymous

      The petition circulators I have run into were making all these false claims and looked ragged and drugs were their there lifestyle. If they did not have this gig it would not be a far stretch to see them panhandling at a stop sign or on a sidewalk somewhere. No way would I give them my info anyways.

        1. Anne Beal

          Realist, you can go ahead and give your name and address to strange rangers you meet on the street.

          But maybe you should ask them for theirs first.

          1. Anonymous

            Anne, I really look forward to discussing cbd oil with you in person when we run into each other at campaign events. I am going to give you real world examples of where it is helping me with fibro and my older relatives who have dropped their steroids and opioids for cbds. I buried a 27 yr old cousin of mine last month and he wasn’t the first. Not everyone who wants cbd is a stoner and you need to start showing some compassion for things that have effect on you.

            1. Anne Beal

              What does the efficacy of CBD oil have to do with the practice of giving your name and address to complete strangers you have met on the street?

              Even if they looked like Mormon missionaries, I still wouldn’t give them my name and address.

              Lobbyists in Pierre have to be registered with the Secretary of State and get a badge before they can approach members of the legislature. Maybe the public should have similar protections in place for these petition circulators. Nobody knows who they are. In the past we haven’t given too much thought to it, as petition circulators usually make a point of looking presentable, so we trusted them with our personal information. That was naive. But now these petition circulators are a mess, and it makes me wonder why have we been so willing to sign petitions for anything? It’s a crazy thing to do.

    2. Anonymous


      God, the hyperbole on this site gets a bit nuts at times.

  14. tara volesky

    Anne changed the subject from cbd and opiod overdose deaths to petition circulators……..Anne did you know that CBD oil is the gateway drug to meth and heroin use? lol. Anonymous sorry about you cousin. You gave some great factual information, but unfortunately many people are very close-minded and can’t think for themselves.