FIRST AD RELEASED BY “NO ON V” COMMITTEE: Ad Calls for Rejection of Out-of-State Meddling in South Dakota

Ad Calls for Rejection of Out-of-State Meddling in South Dakota

Pierre – Today, South Dakotans Against V released an ad exposing the real masterminds behind the so-called “nonpartisan” election amendment.

“South Dakotans don’t need to be told how to govern by big, hidden money from out-of-state,” said Will Mortenson, Chairman of South Dakotans Against V.

More than three-quarters of Amendment V’s contributions are coming from outside the state, including more than 70% from a single organization in New York that does not disclose its donors. The New York-funded effort attacking South Dakota’s political system is led by a billionaire Obama-fundraiser and former Enron financier, along with other hidden, out-of-state donors.

“We need to stand up to the New York billionaires and out-of-state interests who are working with Democratic Party Bosses in South Dakota to destroy our state’s ballot transparency and long-time political traditions,” Mortenson added.

The Chairman of the Yes on V Ballot Committee in South Dakota is Democratic Party Boss and failed 2014 U.S. Senate Candidate Rick Weiland.

“Since he can’t win elections in South Dakota, Party Boss Rick Weiland is trying to confuse voters by hiding party labels on the ballot,” said Mortenson.

Amendment V hides party labels on the ballot and puts a California-style merged primary in South Dakota’s constitution. Vote NO on Amendment V in November.

The ad can be viewed at the link:

21 Replies to “FIRST AD RELEASED BY “NO ON V” COMMITTEE: Ad Calls for Rejection of Out-of-State Meddling in South Dakota”

  1. Annebelle

    Wow, great ad

    This is the dumbest idea the Democrats have had in decades. I hope everyone votes to kill this idea.

  2. Cliff

    I realize some Democrat millionaires are for this, but are actually rank and file Democrats in South Dakota that ashamed of their party label to back this? I would bet some Democrats would oppose this but maybe not

  3. Punky B

    Slick Rick “grassroots” Weiland funded by New York liberal billionaires.

    Now that’s GRASSROOTS Rick!

    Please can you go away now Rick?

    1. Anonymous

      He’d fit in well with the anti-freedom, big government crowd in New Yawk. Maybe if Trump wins he can move to wherever the heck Cher and Amy Schumer are moving; he could be their carry-on bag.

  4. George

    How many times do we have to beat Slick Rick? before he goes away! Instead of taking on either Sen. Thune or Rep. Noem…he sold out his loyalty to the party and decided to go get in bed with the very money he rails against=hypocrite!

    Go look at all the overhead on those campaign reports…..hmmmm

    NO on V

  5. Porter Lansing

    Very interesting to see what SoDak Republican’s are afraid of. Very telling of the psychological make up of your voters and the collective self esteem. It’s quite easy to overcome, really. It’s accomplished from inside. Read Sun Tzu.

  6. Troy Jones


    Just because I don’t want to be taken a fool, it doesn’t mean I have fear. Lighten your bow tie. It is depriving you of oxygen.

      1. Troy


        Only you can get in four logic fallacies in two short posts.

        Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat” (often shortened to “onus probandi.”

        Argumentum ad ignorantiam

        Psychologists fallacy

        Hasty generalization

        Interesting you would introduce Sun Tzu in the context of political discourse and the democratic process as it seems to infer those who disagree with you to be enemies (“deplorables”?) only fit to be destroyed, even by deception.

        “All warfare is based on deception.”. (Sun Tzu)

  7. Porter Lansing

    @Anonymous 9:04 I’m not telling you what to do or do I care what you are afraid of (outsiders, ridicule, new things and ideas). I’m telling Democrats how easy it is to beat you, with the Sun Tzu approach, method, patience and dedication. The seed has already been planted and the future is ours.

  8. Anonymous

    There are a lot of ballot measures. It’s hard to keep them all straight.

    I just heard a Marsy’s law ad on the radio that was trashing SD’s crime and safety for victims. Isn’t that trashing Jackley? If I was running for governor I wouldn’t want a million $ in ads saying SD is weak on crime victims rights before I ran for governor.

    Jackley needs to push back on these yahoos smearing his reputation.

  9. El Rayo X

    If all the SD PACs, Super PACs, Democrat and Republican candidates were to give back their out-of-state contributions, how much money would be in their accounts?

    1. Dave R

      Hope so, Charlie. It it passes, I think the GOP will have to go to a caucus system and increase involvement in candidate recruitment and primary involvement. I’d prefer not to do that.

      1. Charlie Hoffman

        People in South Dakota are smarter than the GP of the USA Dave and can smell a rat a mile away. This goes down 70 to 30