First the COVID vaccine is an “unwanted gene serum” and now it’s the “mark of the beast.”

In their campaign to legislators for an anti-vax special session yesterday we had the Citizens for Liberty goofballs claiming that being vaccinated against COVID was an “unwanted gene serum.

Since then, I was sent this snapshot of a legislator’s spouse encouraging a special session because she doesn’t want people to have to comply with “the mark of the beast.”   (And apparently her husband is on notice.)

28 thoughts on “First the COVID vaccine is an “unwanted gene serum” and now it’s the “mark of the beast.””

    1. Like all the African Americans who don’t want to take the vaccine who vote Democrat because they have been told by Democrats that if they don’t know to vote for Biden they ain’t black?

      Ahh, lying, anti-American, pro-socialism, religion-hating, baby killing Democrats.

    1. It would be interesting to see a post from the blog overlord showing actual, factual information on the other treatment methods such as Ivermectin.

      1. You bet:

        A Libertyville hospital that was ordered to let a COVID-19 patient receive the controversial medication ivermectin fought back in court Tuesday, saying the woman’s heart rate plunged after she received a “mega dose” of the drug, and that further use could lead to more health problems.

        An animal dewormer to treat COVID? Poison control centers see uptick in calls

        A warning from the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t stopped people from taking a livestock deworming drug they believe will treat COVID-19.

        Poison control centers across the nation have received an uptick in calls about the drug ivermectin, an anti-parasitic medicine often used to treat cattle and pigs.

        Gaylord Lopez, executive director for the Georgia Poison Control Center, told USA TODAY it has already received 15 to 16 calls in August compared to the typical one call a month.

          1. Why did they give her a ‘mega’ dose, no wander she almost died. India has stopped using Moderna and Pfyzer (the boosters) because the companies won’t stand behind the drugs for any major complications. India does use two other shots. Plus they have been using Ivermectin to cure covid .

            Anyone can google India, Moderna, and also Ivermectin. There are a lot of articles to read.

  1. Just heard a former Trump adviser who was pardoned by Trump claim that the vaccination will be added to your salad dressing.

    1. I heard it was technologically feasible to add MRNA it to prepackaged salads, which means it could also be in Marijuana, which means anyone fervently pushing the “vaccines” might want to keep cannabis illegal, to control the lacing through black market proxies.

      Hey, it’s possible.

  2. Cut the crap.

    This is biblical.

    You can’t work if you don’t have the mark.

    No mark, no work, no commerce.

    Repeat – this is biblical.

    Maybe it’s by design to terrorize the Christians (self fulfilling prophesy). If so, that makes it worse.

    Nobody likes terrorists. They hate themselves most of all.

    1. stupid. The vaccine isn’t the mark of the Beast, the internet is.
      In Hebrew numerology (Gematria) the letter Vav, pronounced like a W, is assigned the number 6.
      666 equals WWW, The World Wide Web. The mark of the Beast precedes every internet address, and you can’t buy or sell without it.

      Al Gore invented it.

      1. I think the appropriate analogy is that The Internet and its artificial intelligence proxies is the antichrist.

        The mark is something that inhibits commerce, most notably for the normies, and is the mark.

        1. and the number of the beast is 666=WWW, World Wide Web. can’t buy or sell without it, and Al Gore, AKA the Son of Satan, invented it.

          It’s so obvious yet people keep looking for the mark of the beast in other places.

  3. Idiocy! Vaccines are not the mark. But those who don’t get them will meet their maker, for judgement, sooner! Incredible lunacy!

  4. At least from my perspective (opinion) Representative Kaleb/Kayla Weiss are another symptom among many highlighting a broken political system in South Dakota. Fringe agenda driven extremists end up getting elected to public office where in a healthy politically competitive environment they never would of made it past a primary and certainly not won in a general election. It didn’t use to be this way. Brown County in particular use to have solid policy focused elected officials that happened to be Republicans and Democrats. It was a far more competitive environment then. The district & region they represented was better served which they strongly advocated for in Pierre and citizens of South Dakota were better served.

      1. And, both sides seem too hard spreading misinformation and half truths about something as serious as Covid which tells me all I want to know about both of them.

  5. Did Caleb ever even have a primary or a general?

    Odds that when he is out of the legislature the people of Aberdeen name the new football stadium the Weis Center? Much like Aberdeen’s glory days with Joe Barnett and the current Barnett Center.

    1. Ah good catch. She might be saying he has to get a job if she’s fired for being an unvaccinated moron. Monument perhaps?

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