For all the chatter, what about the guy who didn’t show up?

I see the Democrats are bringing in that industrial juice squeezer in yet another attempt to suck just a little more juice out of the South Dakota implementation of the Federal EB-5 Immigration Visa program.

Today they’re having….. another press conference. And this time they’re bringing in….. a lawyer! (cue the music…. dum, dum, duuummmmmmm).

Democrats will claim that some of this is in response to the fact that Susan Wismer could not receive a second on her motion in the GOAC committee to issue subpoenas.

But, for all the chatter Democrats are trying to gin up on this, what about the guy who didn’t show up?

Susan Wismer has attempted to make the EB-5 program her signature issue in her kamikaze-like run for Governor, after months of finding those icky reports too big to read. So, she attempted a subopeona in committee, which died for lack of a second.  Which caused her to get crabby with her Republican committee counterparts and talk bad about them.

But, the last I checked, Susan Wismer was not the only Democrat on the committee.  Democrat State Senator Larry Lucas also sits on the panel.  Unlike the Republicans who were there, Senator Lucas did not participate in person, or via telephone in the hearing on what Wismer is trying to make an issue in her campaign for Governor.

If it wasn’t important or substantive enough for Wismer’s fellow Democratic State Senator Larry Lucas to bother with, that does not bode well for Wismer’s continued pursuit of the issue. If she’s bothered to read those big reports at all.

So, we’ll have a little more political theater today, courtesy of the Democrats who are trying to appear substantive.

Maybe some of the Democrats who aren’t running for Governor will even show up this time.

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  1. PNR

    Did she bother to tell Sen. Lucas that she was going to be making this move? I know that if I were one of only two people from my faction on a committee as important as this is, I’d want to be in communication with that other person and coordinate our actions.

    And if I were going to be making this a big deal in my campaign for higher office, I’d want to know the details as intimately as possible if for no other reason than that talking rings around my opponent would make him look as if he’s in the wrong. Can’t play “gotcha” without any ammo.

  2. Roger Cornelius


    Bob Mercer has filed a FOIA lawsuit against Marty Jackley to gain access to the Benda death investigation.

    If South Dakota Republicans believed in transparency in government this action would not be necessary.

    1. PNR

      Yes, I’m aware of that FOIA lawsuit. He’s not likely to get anywhere with it from what I see. It’s also not likely to satisfy if he gets it. The conspiracy mongers are so sure something’s there that anything which goes against their pre-determined assurance will automatically be assumed part of the conspiracy.

      One sees the same thing in people’s reaction to Kennedy’s assassination in ’63. The conspiracy theory on that one is by now so over-the-top irrational, it’s almost funny. I don’t think this Benda/EB-5 conspiracy stuff will take that long to cross into tin-foil hat territory.

  3. Anonymous

    to use some obsolete congressional terminology, this dog will either hunt or not. time will tell, and the proof will be in how fast this story disappears after the november election. until actual court action is scheduled, many of us simply prefer to ignore the circus

  4. Roger Cornelius

    It wouldn’t have mattered if Senator Lucas was there to second Wismer resolution.

    If he had seconded the resolution the Republican dominate GOAC board was have voted to continue the cover up of GOED/EB-5 scandal. It was all rigged going.

  5. Larry Lucas

    I sent an email to the GOAC Committee explaining that I could not participate in the July 29 meeting. A good government committee, especially the GOAC, should be able to make motions and function in an objective manner without political parties choosing up sides. Kind of reminds me of my days of teaching middle school!


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