For Sale…One South Dakota Town

About 50 east of Rapid City, the town of Scenic is up for sale.

That?s right the entire town.

Ever wanted to be your own Mayor?

Here you can be the Mayor.

If you want street dances every Friday night.

It would be your town to make it happen in.

Here, life is simple,

your town,

your rules

and your glory.


All for a mere $799,000.00

Where did my wife put that checkbook?

10 Replies to “For Sale…One South Dakota Town”

  1. grudznick

    You know…I have oft wondered what my friend Bob would do if he had his whole own town. I suspect we would have to have breakfast there, weekly, which would be OK by me as I like the town of Scenic. Perhaps even renamed Newland.

  2. BF

    There was a time, not too many years back, when you could have bought the entire town of Deadwood for about double that amount.

  3. Job Creator

    Although this is super-interesting, it seems odd to me that such a legitimate and hard-hitting blog as yours would have no threads about the debt limit negotiations we are suffering through.

    Jeez, is it that hard to copy and past at least something to get a thread started?

  4. ValleyGirl

    Okay, RC inside joke here, but maybe a certain travel agency owner could and a local state representative could buy the town. Then they would finally have their “Scenic, South Dakota.”

    Sorry had to say it. 😉

  5. grudznick

    Rockerville has a fine dining establishment and theatre, but I fear they are not open for breakfast. And Mr. Newland and I often like to have our breakfasts El Frisco and don’t need the roar of all those Harleys and screaming tourist children disturbing us. I still vote for Scenic.

  6. springer

    Grudznick, is the melodrama theater still open in Rockerville? I’ve eaten in Rockerville and agree it’s delicious!


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